Man Pulled with His Son

up the driveway when the dad steps in a pile of dog poop.
“SHIT!” He exclaims.
The little boy asks, “Daddy whats shit?”
Dad points to his shoe.
Sometime later, the boy goes upstairs to the bathroom to see his
dad shaving. He accidentally cuts himself and yells. “NUTS!”
“Daddy? Whats nuts?”
Dad points to his face.
Boy finally goes into this kitchen to see his mother stuffing a turkey.
She drops some of the stuffing on the floor and yells “FUCK!”
“Mommy? Whats fuck?”
She points at the dropped stuffing.
Sometime later, there is a knock on the door. Its a cop that is
investigating a rash of local crime, interviewing the neighbors.
The little boy answers the door and gleefully says
“Howdy Bastard! Wipe your shit on the mat. Dads upstairs shaving his nuts.
Moms in the kitchen fucking a turkey.!”

A Man Goes to Hell

“Are you sure?”. He screams “Hell, yes!”.
The devil goes up to the cheerleader and
says “You can stop now. I found someone
to replace you”

old Man in Pawn Shop

that’s what you think it’s worth.. you have a deal!”
“Great!” replies the pawn broker, shaking his hand.
“Here’s twenty bucks,” says the old man. “I’ll buy it right now!”
The broker stops, and suddenly looks confused. “Wait…. buy?” he asks.
“Yes!” smiles the old man as he flips the guitar over, “This one has a
sticker price of $150, but now that I have
your honest opinion I think twenty bucks is a great deal!”

One Day a Blind Man Goes to a Restaurant

the beef steak with mash potatoes and gravy and some chocolate brownies for dessert”.
The server brings him his food and the blind man enjoys his meal, pays the bill and leaves.
Next week, the blind man goes back to the same restaurant.
The server recognizes him and wanting to see how good the blind man’s sense of smell is, he goes to the kitchen and asks his wife, Brenda, for a spoon.

He instructs his wife, Brenda, to rub the spoon all over her private parts and so she does.
The server hands the dirty spoon to the blind man. The blind man takes a whiff and says:
“I didn’t know Brenda worked here”