Reasons why Bullet is more popular than other Bikes in India

Bullet is the first choice among bike lovers. Mostly, people belonging to Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh region are more fond of riding a Bullet. Following are some prominent reasons why Bullet is a favorite among boys and girls:

• First choice among Army men Since bullet is a heavy built bike, so it can be driven in coarse areas and plain areas as well and so it is the most preferred choice among army men which also makes Bullet the highest selling bike model of Royal Enfield.

• Swag Factor With time slangs change and with time people have associated riding a bullet with the carrying of swag or we should say that if you want to have Wakhra Swag, then ride a Bullet.
• Commands Pride Riding a Bullet is also associated with power and pride. When you sit on the desi black horse aka the Bullet, a feeling of pride runs through and make you feel more confident. P.S. – Try out the kurta pyjama look while riding a Bullet.
• Status Symbol Bullet has become a status symbol nowadays, more so for the people belonging to Punjab and Chandigarh. The growing inclination towards purchasing a heavy metal bullet seems to be part of the demonstration effect as well.

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1 A tribute to Captain America:

Modification Inspiration Captain America
Modified by Bulleteer Customs
Bike Model Royal Enfield Bullet

This Royal Enfield bullet is made as a tribute to Captain America which anyone can just tell at glance by having a look at the Captain America’s shield graphic paint that is done on the side of the motorcycle. It’s a dream for every marvel fan to hop on the Captain America’s glorious bike and Bulleteer Customs took their marvel craze to the next level and gave the Royal Enfield Bullet a new life by recasting it so well that it can only be for the iconic American superhero. The bike is just modified and not customized.


2 Sportster 927:

For this one, Bulleteer customs got the intense working crew who thought nothing about the sweats that will be there to make the reincarnate the beast. They equipped the Royal Enfield bullet with a 190mm tire at the back with a 540cc modified engine with a quick throttle. They also gave it a custom chassis and a showstopper floating exhaust. They painted the fuel tank with cherry red and side-mounted the number plate to give it a modern look.

Chassis Type Custom
Engine 540cc
Throttle type Quick
Made by Bulleteer Customs

3 DC2 Custom Shot:

There are many cars which have been modified by DC design but for a change, DC house recreated the Royal Enfield classic 350 with its own design and renamed it as DC2 Custom Shot. The changes that have been done with the bike are the front fender, carbon fiber headlamps that now come with LED units, a circular battery box cover has been fitted and the addition of modern style side mirrors and some more. The seat has been wrapped in premium leather and headlamps and side-indicators have been fixed with LED units.

Made by DC design house
The wrapping material of Seat Premium Leather
Bike Model Royal Enfield Classic 350


4 Rata:


Bike Model Royal Enfield Classic 350
New look type Cruiser
Made by Rajputana Customs

This one is modified by the Rajputana Customs who renamed this Royal Enfield Classic 350 as ‘Rata’ which denotes the dark side of the night. New paint has been done on the whole bike and other style changes have been done to give it a cruiser look. As per additional things, they have equipped it with springers forks, tool, trail, and new rake which are some of the changes in metal fabrication. This one runs on Avon tires and a new dual-tone tank has also been featured in it. To allow prominent design changes, the frame has also been tweaked.

5 Surf racer:

This one has been a trial of remaking such as the Royal Enfield Continental GT, not a best though. But the sleek design is an original continental and it is very catchy, to say. The exhaust has been kept very near to the seat and the additional approach also seems to be very minimalistic but it still has a very unique. There has been a creation of a whole new look.

Bike model Royal Enfield Classic 350
Look type Continental
Made by Bulleteer Customs


1 LED headlight:

This headlight is one of the best mates of Royal Enfield Classic series bikes and is highly used by bike enthusiasts, bike lovers, and riders who love their bike. The headlight has a high power giving capacity so that the light rays can penetrate for a longer distance. The LED angles that are fitted inside are specifically designed in such a way to give it a daytime look.

Manufactured by Unbranded
Place to buy  Get on Amazon
Price 1319 INR
Rating 3.6/5

2 Lights Grill Cover:


Colour Matte black
Weight 798 grams
Material Plastic
Rating 3.4/5
Place to buy  Get on Amazon
Price 390 INR

This protector of headlight and backlight doesn’t just protect but it also gives the bike a grand and macho look. And it also has the tail light set which gives the whole of the lights a new and unique look.

 3 Metal Leg Guard:

This heavy duty metal leg crash guard 3 rods with black rope safety leg crash guard is made by Andrade for the protection of the Royal Enfield riders who perform their duty towards their responsibilities by ensuring their safety on the time in which there might be an accident. Except for protecting the rider, it also gives the bike a bold look. It is specifically made for the Royal Enfield Classic 350 and Classic 500.

Manufactured by A and D Traders
Weight 6 kg
Material Metal and rope
Rating 3.6/5
Place to buy Get on Amazon
Price 1227 INR

4 Rubber Exhaust Cap:

There are quite some times when Royal Enfield rider feels that its exhaust noise is common as it is the same noise that comes from every other bike such as his/her. Well, the rubber exhaust cap eases the tension of the rider as this broadens the sound range of the noise and even enhances it. This is made out of quality rubber so that it can give a cooler look to the exhaust.

Manufactured by Bikers World
Weight 105 grams
Material Rubber
Rating 3.5/5
Place to buy Get on Amazon
Price 100 INR

 5 All Digital Speedometer:

As per new age bikes, every motorcycle has a digital speedometer and a fancy system with it. RV industries launched a speedometer for the Royal Enfield riders who love the look of the speedometer on the middle of their Royal Enfield Classic 350’s handle.

Manufactured by RV Industries
Rating 3/5
Place to buy  Get on Amazon
Price 2799 INR

These high-quality Bullet aluminum lightweight bar ends are made by All extreme to give the Royal Enfield riders a good look at the back and a good look to their rides. It is easy to install and has a 360° view around the back and it is made from aluminum with vibrant resistant housing. It has a high-quality convex mirror with a swivel head design.

6 Bar End Mirrors:

Manufactured by AllExtreme
Rating 3.4/5
Place to buy  Get on Amazon
Price 670 INR
Weight 181 grams
Material Aluminum
Colour Black

 7 Chain Brush:

The part of the bike that is exposed at all the time and in every terrain that the bike goes to is its metal chain that is one of the most important parts of the bike. The chain catches dust and sand in it which then can clog up the tire or worse, the working of the engine. Its abrasion-resistant nylon bristles make it easy for the owner to clean the chain at any time anywhere. The autopsy gives its customers the ease of not worrying about the durability of the product that they are buying.

Manufactured by Autofy
Colour Blue
Weight 90.7 grams
Place to buy  Get on Amazon
Rating 4/5
Material Plastic
Price 188 INR

8 Fog Lights:

Being a rider gives a great responsibility about safety to one’s own self and to others. And as a rider rides anywhere, he/she has to make the bike ready for any kind of terrain. And to be ready for cold and foggy terrains, the rider has to have fog lights installed in the bike. And except for the work of path shows, it also gives the Royal Enfield a cool and bold look. It is made up of high-quality aluminum and PMMA glass is also fixed in it.

Manufactured by Delhi Traders
Colour Black
Weight 1030 grams
Place to buy Get on Amazon
Rating 3.5/5
Material Aluminium and PMMA glass
Price 482 INR

9  Stainless Steel Handlebar:

It has been proven that Royal Enfield handlebars with rod /bar connecting the two handles go a long way to reduce handle vibration. It is a stainless steel build with mounting rod to mount gadgets/cameras while riding. It supports comfy riding posture for long rides. It is compatible with all models of Royal Enfield and has reliable performance.

Manufactured by HMRA Power and Energy Enterprises
Weight 900 grams
Colour Metallic silver
Rating 2.7/5
Place to buy Get on Amazon
Price 410 INR

10  Pillion Backrest:

Rides get better when they are of long-distance but as great, it is to hear, it still gives pain in the back for sitting for a long time without any support from the back. Pillion backrest eases the rider’s companion and gives that person some free time from pain.

Manufactured by LOWRENCE
Rating 2.6/5
Price 789 INR
Place to buy  Get on Amazon