on his door. “Hi honey, how can I make the next hour bliss for you?”
“I just want to go down on you for a bit. That’s my kink, no need for you to do anything special, just relax and let me do my thing,” the man replies

The prostitute looks a little surprised, “no problem, honey, you just tell me how you want me.”
“Just strip and lay down, I’ll do the rest.”

She lays down and he gets to business. A few minutes in he stops, sits up with a confused look and pulls a piece of lettuce out of his mouth. He shrugs, tosses it over his shoulder and heads back in.

A few minutes after that, he stops and sits up again in confusion. He reaches up and pulls a piece of tomato out of his mouth. He looks around, looks down at the prostitute with her eyes still closed and still moaning, he then shrugs again, tosses the tomato over his shoulder and goes down again.

Once again he stops after a few minutes, sites up in annoyance and pulls a piece of a taco shell out of his mouth and asks the prostitute, “hey, are you sick or something?”
No, honey, but the guy before you was.”
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