Do you feel as if you are sleep-walking through life? Do you crave for some more freedom? Do you wish for some more adventure? Do you wish you simply had more time? Do you want to live your life to the fullest before it ends? If so, then this article is meant for you. There are so many people who go through with their lives, but never really experience what it has to offer. There’s one thing you need to understand – everything that holds you to a life not desired by you is in fact a prison that is created by your very own mind. Reading on, you will find ideas that you can put into practice for living your life to the fullest. Here are the 10 ways……….

1. Create your to-do list and begin checking things off:

You very well know that you’re going to die one day. But before that day arrives, make sure you have most of the items checked off. Experience the world as much as you can before you die.

2. Set your goals and write them down:

Set your goals by day, week, month and year periods. By writing them down, you will know exactly what is there to be achieved for every stretch of your life and will make you more likely to achieve them.

3. Don’t let other’s expectations pressurize you:

Never select a path in your life based solely on the expectations set upon you by others. Whether it’s your friends, parents or perhaps anyone in your society, don’t let their decisions influence you to change the path you have chosen.

4. Stop whining and complaining:


If there’s something going on in your life that you’re not happy about, don’t start complaining or fretting about it. Instead, you can opt for the better option of working actively to set things right.

5. It’s OK if you fail:

If you ever experience failure in your life, try not be bothered by it. Trying and failing is not a problem, but failing to try is. So never stop trying, and besides, failure is just the first phase of success.

6. Live with a positive mindset:

You can always make a big difference – once you stop underestimating your true potential. Approach every challenge in life with the thought “how am I going to achieve this?” rather than “what can I possibly do?”

7. Take care of your body and mind:

Eat healthy food whenever you can and sleep well at night. Exercise regularly because, after all, it is your body and mind with which you are going to achieve whatever you want in life.

8. Plan for the future, live in the present:

While it is important to plan for the future, it is equally important to live in the present. Don’t sacrifice today for tomorrow. Find out a way to enjoy your life while working towards better and bigger things.

9. Live your life consciously:

Don’t put your life on the auto-pilot mode. Always keep asking yourself “why am I doing this?” If plenty of days go by and you’re still searching for a reasonable answer, then it’s probably time for you to make a change.

10. Start overcoming your fears:

There will be times when your circumstances or personal flaws will hold you back from doing things you truly want to do. You will then have two choices – either accept your fears or face them. Which one will you go for?

Remember not to live your life as though you’re going to live forever. Hope these 10 insights were valuable. Take them seriously to ensure you won’t have to die while never having lived to the fullest.

America is a land of opportunities and millions flock to the nation every year. But what makes this country so special are the Americans themselves rather than anything else. Living a life of an American means living a free and a quality life. It means the freedom to choose anything without any restrictions. If you want to have an idea of what it’s like to be an American, then read these 10 qualities that set the Americans apart from the rest.

America is a land of opportunities and millions flock to the nation every year. But what makes this country so special are the Americans themselves rather than anything else. Living a life of an American means living a free and a quality life. It means the freedom to choose anything without any restrictions. If you want to have an idea of what it’s like to be an American, then read these 10 qualities that set the Americans apart from the rest.

1. Americans have a really BIG heart

America is big and so are the hearts of its people. Americans are known to be the most kind and generous of all. They don’t hesitate to open their hearts, homes and pockets to those who are in need.

2. Americans grasp the opportunities to work hard

A real American is the one, who when presented with an opportunity, grabs it with both hands and then works hard. They are good at taking advantages of the chances offered and making the most of them. No wonder the nation continues to excel so much.

3. Americans become who they want to be

Americans carry a deep passion for their work and choose a profession they like, without getting influenced by others. They don’t become doctors and engineers because their parents wanted them to be. They are people who simply enjoy what they do.

4. Americans share a feeling of unity

Supporting each other and standing by each other’s side, Americans remain united at all times. They work to ensure that America does not become a nation without unity. Their dream to progress as a nation is what makes America the United States of America.

5. Americans know the value of life

Americans value life whether it’s a human or an animal. Anything that shows signs of life is valuable to them. They will go to any lengths to rescue living beings from danger. Many have even lost their lives while saving animals.

6. Americans have dignity in their work

For Americans, there is no such thing as a ‘small job’ – a job is a job. Irrespective of being a waiter, a cab driver or a plumber, they show pride in what they do. They don’t feel ashamed to talk about their occupation.

7. Americans are particular about cleanliness

Americans are very much concerned about cleanliness, especially at public places. They will neither take a leak on some wall nor throw garbage at the side of a road. They will not litter or throw away wrappers of chips, chocolates etc. on the road.

8. Americans love being self sufficient

Americans like to be independent and they work very hard for that. They would never want themselves to depend on others for their basic needs. They don’t like waiting around for others to help them out and would rather make their own way.

9. Americans understand value of time

Time is money. And the Americans are firm believers of this. They are ever so punctual and they don’t like getting late to classes, parties, appointments, employment interviews etc. They try their best to get their work done on time.

10. Americans make immigrants feel at home

Americans never stand too close or push anyone when standing in a queue. They always keep a smiling face while greeting strangers. They treat everyone around them nicely and maintain relationships with immigrants in such a way that they feel as if they were in their own country.


If every other nation starts taking some cue from America and adopt the qualities they possess, the world could be a much better place to live in. Think about it.

To become a leader, you don’t necessarily have to be a CEO or an elected official. You have to be someone whom others want to follow consistently for new ideas and trends. A fancy title might make that possible temporarily, but you as a true leader can inspire steadfast loyalty by incorporating these 5 essentials.

1. Practice things you’re uncomfortable with

A majority of you willing to become a leader probably know what it takes to be one, but what’s stopping you from getting there right now is your fear of certain things: things that might include building stronger relationships, becoming a better spokesperson or pulling yourself out of your zone of comfort. Instead of running away from these things, start practicing them with either your friend or a mentor. All such things that make you uncomfortable will eventually make you stronger once you’ve achieved them.

2. Start believing you’re a leader

You often find yourself on the negative side of everything, isn’t it? You’re not strong enough in this or good enough at that. But, knowing all this can be comforting because it means that you can’t fail. If you already know you’re not good at something, then you won’t be surprised when it doesn’t get done. To lead, it becomes essential for you to start believing that you’re a leader and then act like one. Watch yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you’re here to lead.

3. Be confident in every situation

Keep your confidence level elevated at all times. Imagine yourself saying “I don’t know”, with you looking down, your legs fidgeting and your thumbs twiddling. And now picture yourself saying “I don’t know”, looking into the eyes of the speaker with your head up and shoulders back. Not knowing about something is absolutely fine …… just be confident while saying that you don’t know it. A little lack of knowledge doesn’t mean that you start questioning your ability to lead.

4. Turn yourself into an expert


Possessing a certain amount of knowledge can instill great confidence in you and help you feel more leader-esque. While it’s true that you can manage without it, it’s only a matter of time before somebody with an extra charisma and knowledge comes along and clinches that title away from right under your feet. So in whatever department you are looking to lead, start enhancing your knowledge about it. It’ll definitely pay you off in the near future.

5. Take charge and be decisive

Picture this: You’re standing among your group of friends who are trying to decide what should be done on that night. Everyone is busy complaining, dawdling and ditching each other’s ideas until one of them finally takes the onus upon himself and says “Listen guys! We’re doing this tonight”. That person realized the situation required direction, stood up and took charge …… leader all the way. What you need to do is become that person.

So there you go! It’s time for you to lead.

Kids love to use computer these days.When it comes to learning they get amaze at the idea of using computer for it. Have you come across these types of sites that make your child to understand the math concepts visually and comprehensively? Well if your answer is no then here we are listing 20 websites to make your child get the better hands on mathematics. These websites are for fun, great piece of information for parents and some useful links to get excel. Try word games, free math games such as Alien Addition, Ratio Martian and Math Pacman and check these websites too.

1) Cool Math Games

Who does not love to learn the tricks while having fun at the same time. Browse this website for sill images, crazy game titles and funny graphics covering all sorts of topics and informative educational content. This website has Papa’s Taco Mia and Cyclops Physics so that your kids want to explore more and more about different languages, science and math.

2) Math Playground

This website is designed explicitly to make your growing child learn about the various aspects of math like geography, algebra, trigonometry, percentage, angles and more.

3) Hooda Math

Making the learning easy and convenient this website comes up with new games weekly for different categories of arithmetic and geometry. On different topics Hooda Math provides the interesting games. Beyond the cramming of facts, it helps to apply the concepts into real world with the games such as Real Estate Fun, Inn Keeper and Cargo Math.

4) Fun Brain


It is fun and interesting game to sharpen your mind with a variety of games like Math Arcade, Math Baseball and Tic Tac Toe Squares. Once your kid tries this website he will come again & again. Some of the popular games like Sudoku ad Mad Libs Jr.

5) Primary Games

Princess Math ad Skater Math features the popular topics so that your child can learn the different segments of subject on this fascinating and appealing website.Numerous games of favorite topics are informative and real fun.

6) Fun School

Have fun and learn arts, science, language, history, geography, math, history, sports and many more that offers the trendy games the fun graphics alluring the wide audience. This website has everything to offer for everyone.

7) PBS Kids

Young children love to play different games while trying their hands with their favorite characters like Cat in the Hat, Curious George and Clifford. Little kids can learn to recognize shapes, counting, scaling, sorting, size comparison and other fundamentals of Math.

8) Mr. Nussbaum

Encouraging the students to learn and practice different segments of math such as graphing, rounding, multiplication and many more. To make the kids explore more and more this website provides sports themed games.

9) IXL

This website is really easy to explore as the sections are being divided as per the grades and content. It is convenient to find a topic of your interest. Moreover, it provides the time frame for each question so that you can keep the track the proficiency of your kid.

10) Free Math Help

This website has been designed for the older students who want to practice geometry, arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry and other advanced sections of math. Straightforward explanations and instructions will help the students to practice the topics easily while having some fun.

11) Math Play

It is an exclusive website for middle school students to practice on integers, fractions and place value on the theme of game shows such as Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal and Millionaire.

12) Funny Games

Solving puzzles and Arcade style games never go out of trend. So destroy the enemy tanks by solving math problems, amaze the ninjas by showing your math wisdom and conquer your way by winning through epic battles.

13) Utah Education Network

This website is for early learners. Featuring the favorite characters of kids like Cookie Monster and Clifford it makes the kids to learn fundamentals of simple addition, shape recognition, patterns formations, measurement and comparison etc.

14) Math Blaster

It is an advanced adventure and high tech website to protect the world through math skills and solutions to math problems. It will widen the thinking area of your kid while saving the planet on speed mission, making new friends and learning an array of concepts.

15) Mrs. Ren’s Fourth Grade Class

This is a quite informative website featuring the games, worksheets, teaching ideas, activities and tutorial videos. It is divided grade wise and content wise so that you do no waste time in finding a certain topic.

16) I Play Math Games

Get yourself handy for free math games, free printable workbooks, white boards app links and many more as per the format of your technology like iPad, Mac or PC.

17) Smart Math

There is no better assurance of content quality than association with Encyclopedia Britannica. Learn the wide topics of math. It also provides the simple login and pocket friendly membership to keep an eye on your ward’s performance.

18) Johnnie’s Math Fun

Kids who want to play games only, it is the best website for you. Puzzle games, conventional games, strategy games, silly games with interesting characters will impulse your child to explore more while having fun and learn.

19) Math Slice

It is meant for all ages of students to learn everything about math. From basic concepts to advanced topics it has everything for everyone while having fun on playing traditional games such as Bingo, Chess, Hangman, Guitar Hero and Drive Thru.

20) Soft Schools

Enjoy doing math on this learning website which is divided as per grade level and content wise so that you can find the preferred topics easily and quickly.

Next time your ward is using computer, show them these websites, they really going to love and enjoy it while learning at the same time.
Go genius Go!

Halaplay vs Dream11 Features

Halaplay is best from features point of view. If we compare Halaplay with Dream 11, Halaplay too offers similar groups but in a wide range which are especially fulfilling.

Purposes of contrast –

Group Selection/Modification.

Where in Dream 11, we should make the group join classes before a hour of the real match timings. Any alterations ought to be done before a hour of authority coordinate begin. Be that as it may, in Halaplay, we can choose/adjust the group and join associations till the last second of match beginning time.


Group lineup settings

In Dream 11 we ought to make a group by insignificant figure of expected players, who some won’t not play that supposed coordinate and can sit on seat, in this manner loosing focuses. Be that as it may, in Halaplay, we can alter the cooperative individuals in the wake of knowing the squad. The best thing, Halaplay (if empowered) send push notices of the group lineups when discharged and gives you a chance to change appropriately.

Number of classes

Poor Dream 11 has predetermined number of classes as 8-15(Public challenges), 2– 5 (Head to Head) and some training contests(free and no profit).

In any case, in Halaplay, number of challenges resemble 100– 125(Public challenges), 20– 30(Head to head), 20(Reverse dream), and so forth. They don’t put any training alliances tho.

Money rewards

In Dream 11, you’re qualified in two different ways of getting cash bonus. One, you get joining reward of 100 (If you are a recently enrolled) and two, bits of rewards when your alluded companion unites a challenge with his cash. In Halaplay, you get joining reward of 100, yet you wont get any rewards for your companion’s playing like in Dream 11. Be that as it may, you quickly get 50 additional once your recently alluded companion checks his PAN. Furthermore, the best part, you get 10– 100% extra rewards (just once and by applying codes) of your first since forever stores into Halaplay wallet.

By a wide margin, these are the significant focuses to be noted and makes contrasts.

Installment strategies are the same of both and process rapidly. I even observe Halaplay’s client benefit, a promising one contrasted with Dream 11. They do react via sends if any question raised.

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Innovative people are working overtime to make our life simpler and each year brings us something new. In following, we present to you 29 smart new inventions that are fresh and upcoming..


1. A pen that lets you scan and write in any color.

multicolor pen that pic the color from sense

2. Ultimate outlet would also have extension cords built into the wall


3. Benches that you can turn to always have a dry seat

bench-that is always dry

4. Power strips that you can expand and rotate

5. Mug that catches any drips

mug that catches dropsac

6. Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks.

Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks.

7.This solar powered charger.

This solar powered charger.

8. Subways where you can pay by recycling.

Subways where you can pay by recycling

9.Clever cutting board

Clever cutting board

10.In case of a flat tire and you need to lift your car to change tires

11.Bedside foldout tray

12.Speakers that make you the life of the pool party

Jio DTH Connection – Price & Online Booking Details
Picture Quality SD, HD, 4K
Total Channels 432 Standard
Welcome Offer First 3 Month Free
Set Top Box Price Approx Rs. 1800
Basic Plan Price Rs. 49 – Rs. 250
Installation Fee Free Standard
Band Frequency Range 12 to 18 GHz
Internet Connectivity Yes, Confirmed
Launch Date 15 May (Approx)
Regional Language Yes, 15
HDMI Output Port Available
Digital Dolby Sound 5.1 Surround
Pause Live TV Yes, Available

Reliance Jio will add another feather to its cap by launching the DTH connection along with Jio Fiber. This DTH service will also be called Jio Home TV and will be available with a very cheap and affordable set top box. It is said that Jio Home TV will have Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) technology.

Since the launch of Jio Fiber is being delayed, reason being, it is a mammoth project plus some issues with the governmental authorities. Therefore, Reliance Jio, for the time being has shifted its focus towards setting up Jio DTH services.

The Jio DTH set top box does not need a broadband connection, it just requires the interested users to get themselves registered by filling in all their required details. The Jio DTH connection will be much cheaper and will be available at very reasonable rates than the other high cost DTH connections. So, customers thinking of dumping their current digital TV connections can surely replace them with the amazing Jio Home TV DTH connection.

Below are given some major details about Jio DTH aka Jio Home TV:
Launch Date: Diwali 2018 (tentative)
Installation charges: ₹1000
HD Channels: 50 HD channels can be viewed
Free Subscription: Yes, Jio DTH will offer free subscription for three months like the rest of the Reliance Jio services.
Current Status: Beta testing phase
Standard Definition Channels Price/Package: ₹200
High Definition Channels Price/Package: ₹400

JIO DTH Pack Name Expected Price in Rupees
Normal Pack 49 to 55
All Spots Channels (in HD) 60 to 69
Value Prime Channels 120 to 150
Kids Channels 188 to 190
My Family Pack 200 to 250
My Plan 50 to 54
MY Sports 159 to 169
Big Ultra Pack 199 to 220
Metro Pack 199 to 250
Dhoom 99 to 109

This information was leaked out sometime ago and there has been no official confirmation released by Mukesh Ambani as yet, but, it is expected that Jio DTH and Jio Fiber will be available with these packages/plans by the end of this year.

It requires great time and effort to bring to reality such big projects, but Reliance Jio has been doing this task in the past years. So, customers waiting for the official release of Jio’s broadband and digital TV services need to have some patience and trust upon the Reliance Jio engineers for they will provide them with the best technology ever used in India.