Police Officer watching Speeding Cars

confused “the sign back there says 10.”
“You’re mistaken ma’am, that sign was to tell you that this is route 10, the limit here 60.”
“Oh, my” says the woman very embarrassed, “I am so sorry, I will pay closer attention to the signs.”

At this point the police officer notices the other passengers in the car: three more elderly women,
all very pale and wide-eyed, clutching the armrests with white-knucked hands.

“Ma’am” he asks “are your passengers alright? They look quite shaken.”
“Oh, they’ll be fine, dear” says the elderly woman “we just turned off of route 250.”

A Guy Walked Into a Bar With a Monkey

his mouth and somehow swallowed it whole.
The bartender looked at the guy and said, “Did you see what your monkey just did?”
“No, what?”
“He just ate the cue ball off my pool table – whole!”

When Food Critic Visits a Local Restaurant

is something missing in his bowl of soup.
The owner asks whether it is too spicy or
sweet or salty. When the food critic says
no, the owner decides to taste the soup

himself but he can’t find the spoon.
“Yeah,” says the critic, “that’s what is missing.”

A Barber Shop Joke

asked the son where his father was.
The boy shocked us by saying,
“That man was not my father. He just told
me that if I wanted to get a free haircut
at the barbershop, I should come with him.”

Sad Life of a Mosquito

to his problems and told him that
he should really visit a therapist
instead of a doctor.
The mosquito replied, “Yeah, I know.
I just came in because of the blood.”