A man walks into a bar.

accepts his bet, and is shocked when the man
removes his glass eye and bites down on it.

Laughing, the man sees that the bartender is upset about losing his money, so he offers him a chance
to win it back. “Double or nothin’ says I can bite my other eye.”

The bartender thinks it over. He knows he was just tricked out of $50 but
he also knows that this man can’t possibly have two glass eyes,
so he pulls another $50 from the register and accepts the man’s bet.

The man promptly takes out his false teeth and gently
closes them around his other eye.

Now the bartender is visibly angry to have been had for $100, and the man’s laughter isn’t helping.
Just before he throws him out of his bar, the man puts his hand up.
“Real sorry about that, pal. I get people with that bit all the time, but you’ve
been a good sport, so I’ll give you another chance to win some cash. I’ve got…

$500 that says if you slide a shot glass down the bar top, I can run alongside of it and piss
into the glass without missing a drop.

This is kinda hard for me to do, though, so I think it’s fair if you give me two chances at it.”
The bartender, eager to win his money back from the man, thinks to himself
and realizes just how hard it would be for this man to piss into a shot glass while running at full speed.
Especially knowing he only has one eye to line up his shot.

After a minute of deliberation, he willingly accepts the bet. The man drops his pants
to his ankles and when the bartender puts the shot glass down on the counter,
shouts a resounding, “Go!” prompting the bartender to slide it along the bar top.

The man chases after it, holding his dick at an angle to properly aim it.
However, pissing while running at full speed isn’t easy,
so he only manages to get a couple of drops in the
glass by the time it reaches the other end.

Catching his breath, the man reminds the bartender he has a second try,
and that the first was simply to get his bearings straight. Once again, he shouts,
“Go!” giving the bartender his cue to send the shot glass back down the bar.

Once again, the man chases wildly after it, spraying piss all over the
bar top, stools, floor, and even hitting some of the bottles of liquor behind the bar.
However, not one drop of urine found it’s way into the shot glass.

Head hanging low, he hands the bartender $500, to which the bartender gleefully accepted,
jumping up and down in joy and cheering in victory at the cash he had just made.
All of a sudden, a man in the back of the bar slams his fist hard against his
table and screams “Fuck!” at the top of his lungs.

The bartender mutters aloud, “I wonder what his problem is.”
To which the man replies, “Oh, I just bet that guy $10,000 that
I could piss all over your bar and you’d be so happy about it you
jumped up and down with joy.”