Stung by a Bee

It must be miles away by now.””No, you don’t understand!”
answers the doctor, “I’ll put
some cream on the place you were stung.”
“Oh! It happened in the garden in back of my house.”
“No, no, no!” says the doctor getting frustrated, “I mean on which part of your body did that bee sting you.”
“On my finger!” screamed the man in pain. “The bee stung me on my finger and it really hurts.”
“Which one?” the doctor.
“How am I supposed to know? All bees look the same to me!”

Clever kids

A little more investigative work led the officer to the boy’s accomplice: another boy about 100 yards beyond the radar trap with a sign reading “TIPS” and a bucket at his feet full of change.

Famous Funny Short Stories 500 Words

Funny Short Stories 500 Words

A Short Story : The Clever Bull

This Short Story;The Clever Bull;is quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.

There was a forest with many birds and animals. Once, a bull wandering in the forest came upon a cave. Near the cave was a big pond and lush green grass. “This is an ideal place for me to settle down,” the bull thought. So, he made the cave his home. Many days passed. The bull became quite healthy, grazing in the meadows. The bull was happy and peaceful living in that cave. He had made many friends in that forest.

One day, the bull was resting outside his cave house. A lion happened to come by that way. The lion was happy to have spotted a bull after a long time. “Aha! A bull! He is so healthy too,” thought the majestic lion, licking his lips in anticipation of a good meal. The bull too noticed the lion. He could sense danger. I must be on my guard now,” the bull thought and decided to do something to hide himself from the lion.

When the lion came close to the bull, the clever bull looked into the cave and called out, “Darling, do not cook anything for dinner. I have just spotted a lion. I am waiting for it to come near.” When the lion heard the bull, he returned around and ran for his life.

A jackal saw the lion running breathlessly. “Why are you running, Mr. Lion?” asked the jackal. The lion told him all that had happened. “The bull has made a fool out of you,” replied the jackal. And the jackal added, “Come with me. Together we can feast on the bull.” But the lion was too scared to believe the jackal.

The jackal understood why the lion was hesitating to come with him. “Alright then! Tie your tail with mine and let me lead you to the cave of the bull. In case the bull attacks, then I will be the one who will get caught first,” the jackal said.

The lion agreed to this plan of action prepared by the jackal. And then the lion and the jackal tied their tails together. They set off to the bull’s cave.

Both the lion and the jackal went near the cave where the bull was. When the bull saw the lion coming with the jackal, he thought, “I am sure that cunning jackal knows I fooled the lion. Without panicking, the bull cried out to the jackal, “I had asked you to being me two lions. Do you want me to keep my children hungry?”

Even this time the lion did not realize that the bull was again fooling him. He was terrified. He ran as fast as he could run dragging the jackal with him over stones and thorns. The clever bull outwitted his enemies and saved himself from its enemies.

Both the lion and the jackal never returned that way. Thereafter the bull lived a peaceful and happy life with his wife and children.

A Short Story : The Golden Egg

This Short StoryThe Golden Eggis quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.
Haria, a poor barber lived alone in his small hut. He was dedicated to his work. And whatever he earns was enough to fulfill his needs.

One evening, after returning from work, Haria was hungry. “What shall I cook tonight?” he thought. Just then he heard a hen clucking outside his hut. “That henheuld make a great feast for me,” thought Haria and prepared to catch the hen.

With a little effort he was able to catch the hen. As he was about to kill the hen, it squeaked, “Please do not kill me, O kind man! I will help you.” Haria stopped. Though he was surprised that the hen spoke, he asked, “How can you help me?”

“If you spare my life, I will lay a golden egg everyday for you,” said the hen. Haria’s eyes got widened in delight. Haria was surprised to hear this promise. “A golden egg! That too everyday! But why should I believe you? You might be lying,” said Haria. “If I do not lay a golden egg tomorrow, you can kill me,” said the hen. After this promise, Haria spared the hen and waited for the next day.

The next morning, Haria found a golden egg lying outside his hut and the hen sitting beside it. “It is true! You really can lay a golden egg!” exclaimed Haria with great delight. He did not reveal this incident to any one, fearing that others would catch the hen.

From that day onwards, the hen would lay a golden egg everyday. In return, Haria took good care of the hen. Very soon, Haria became rich.

But he became greedy. He thought, “If I cut open the hen’s stomach, I can get out all the golden eggs at once. I do not have to wait for the hen to lay the golden eggs one by one.”

That night, he brought the hen to the interior portion of his house and killed the hen. But to his dismay, he found no golden eggs. Not even one.

“What have I done? My greed had made me kill the hen,” he wailed. But it was too late.

A Short Story : The Clever Fox

This Short StoryThe Clever Foxis quite interesting to all the people. Enjoy reading this story.There once lived a crow. One day he was very hungry. He had not been able to get any food the previous day. “If I do not get anything to eat I will starve to death,” he thought.

As the crow was searching for food, his eyes fell on a piece of bread. He quickly swooped down, picked it up and flew off. Far away in a lonely place he sat on a tree to enjoy the bread.

Just then a hungry fox saw the crow sitting on the tree holding the bread in his mouth. “Yummy! That bread looks delicious. What I would give to get that piece of bread,” the fox thought.

The fox decided to use all his cunning means to get the piece of bread from the mouth of the crow. He sat under the tree. The crow saw him and thought, “I guess this fox wants to eat my bread. I shall hold it carefully.” And he held on to the bread even more tightly.

The clever fox spoke to the crow politely. He said, “Hello friend! How are you?” But the crow did not say anything.

“Crows are such lovely birds. And you are very charming too,” said the fox, flattering the crow.

Then the fox said,” I have heard that besides being beautiful you also have a sweet voice. Please sing a song for me.”

By now the crow started to believe what the fox was saying. “The fox knows true beauty. I must be the most beautiful bird in this whole world. I will sing him a song,” thought the crow.

As soon as the foolish crow opened his mouth to sing the bread fell from its beak and into the ground. The Clever fox, which had just been waiting for this very moment, caught the bread in his mouth and gulped it down his throat.

The crow had paid a heavy price for his foolishness.

I Got Frustrated one Day

could go about most of my everyday routines. I would just have to stop trying to prop the window until I figured this out. Finally I had an idea. I went up to my attic and retrieved a gigantic pair of ceramic legs to place underneath the windowsill. It worked. The ceramic legs were tall enough to be placed on the ground and prop the window from where they stood. I decided this would be my permanent solution for propping this window in future, so I stored the ceramic legs under the window sill. I didn’t feel like putting them back in the attic, because otherwise, I just couldn’t stand the pane.

Little Johnny is Watching his Dad Shave

dad replied ” uh coats and hats.” Oh next thing he know he sees his dad jumping around the the bathroom yelling ” f*cking, fuck,f*ck,f*ck” ” what does that mean dad?” And his dad yells ” cut Johnny, it means cut!!!” Oh. Next week is Thanksgiving and the doorbell rings and Johnny answers it and says ” Hey bitches and asses, hang your d*cks and p*ssies here, dad’s in the kitchen fucking the turkey.

Whose Pet is Smarter

I get out of bed.” “I know,” says
the second owner. “How do you know?”
the first demands. “My dog told me.”
From the book Laughter: The Best Medicine