Old Man in a Forest

dies, plant a new one in my memory. Tell your descendants to
do the same. It shall be our family’s duty to keep this forest strong.”
And so they did.
Each time the forest lost a tree, the children replanted one, and
so did their children, and their children after them.
And for centuries, the forest remained as lush and pretty as it once was,
all because of one man and his re-seeding hairline.

A Rude Man

with this man. The manager, hearing the story, goes back to the man to see what the problem is.
After asking the man, he responds with ” There is no fucking problem. All I wanna do is cash my
10 million dollar check from winning the lottery and then put it in this goddamn bank!”
The manager responds with “Oh, and is this bitch over here giving you any problems, sir?”

Man in a Hotel Lobby

if your heart is soft as
your breast, I know you’ll
forgive me.” She replies,
“If your penis is as hard
as your elbow, I’m in room 436.”