How can I make my life simpler?

  •     Don’t watch TV. It is waste of time and mental energy. Kicking it out will make your life simpler, happier and more productive.
  •     Before you organize, ELIMINATE. Everything: clutter, tasks, social obligations, meetings, boring people, meaningless activities. Define what is essential and eliminate ruthlessly.
  •     Do 1 thing at a time. It is more difficult than it sounds, but it is proven to be more productive, less stressful and yes, simpler.
  •     Track your income and your expenses. Life is much simpler when you are aware of your finances.
  •     Turn off the notifications on your cell phone. It is so helpful!
  •     Write things down. Not just expenses (see #4) but also your thoughts, fears, problems, ideas. When it’s on the paper it doesn’t occupy your mind.
  •     Write To-do list with 3 tasks. Verbarize it- use verbs instead of nouns. (Meaning, instead of writing: Project XYZ, write: create an outline and delegate tasks to person A, B and C for project XYZ). Simple and works!
  •     Work slowly, devoted. That is how great work is done, stress is minimal and life simpler.
  •     Know thyself. It will help you understand your emotions, change your habits, recognize your triggers, optimize your work. Simply wonderful.
  • What is one piece of simple advice that actually changed your life?
  • A few years ago, when I was agonizing over my future career path, my dad told me to make a list of the things in life that make me happy.
  • Then, split the list into two categories.
  • The first category includes any type of happiness that you can feel instantaneously. Sipping hot chocolate on a chilly day. Hitting the snooze button to steal another five minutes of sleep. Binge-watching the new season of your favorite show.
  • The second category includes any type of happiness that takes a long time to appear and a long time to fade. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Mastering difficult skills. Building closer relationships with the people you love.
  • Some of the items in the first category, my dad explained, might clash with the items in the second. The more hot chocolate you consume, for example, the less nutritious your diet becomes.
  • But a few items in on your list, just a few, might actually fit into both categories. The best painters in the world obtain joy both from the instantaneous act of painting and from the ultimate goal of becoming a world-class artist. The best soccer players love being out on the field just as much as they love becoming better athletes.
  • Circle these items, these things that bring you both short-term happiness and long-term happiness.

These are the things that you can spend your life doing, and never feel like you’ve worked a day.

What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you?

    1 Never tell people 100%, tell them 70% about yourself, and 30% should be hidden.
    2 Anyone you love can die. Any time. Cherish them.

    3 Fairness is unnatural. Nothing is 100% fair.

    4 Live life the way you want to live it. Because even people who care for you can’t be with you every step of the way.

   5 People only want to hear the good, not the bad. So if you have issues, it’ll be hard to find people to confide in.

  Respect yourself, because people can see if you don’t.

 7 Everyone has a mask and they play different ones to different people. Lovers, families, coworkers…you’ll be surprised how different people can be in different social contexts.


 10 It doesn’t matter how good your grades are, because grades aren’t everything and people pay more attention to your social skills. Grades only take you halfway.

  11 Once you hurt someone, they’re not likely to forget. They will always remember how much you’ve hurt them. One negligible action can have devastating consequences.

  What tiny habits can create massive success?

  • Stop laying on bed every now and then. Only use bed when you want to sleep.
  • Stop using your phone as Alarm clock and if you can, keep your phone in the other room while sleeping. This way your phone won’t be the first thing you check in the morning and you are actually taking the temptation away. Try it, you will sleep much better and feel amazing in the morning.
  • Stop eating sugar. Trust me, sugar does nothing good for you and will rot your brain. Wanna eat something sweet after a meal ? Try a couple of strawberries or grapes instead or some honey will also do the trick.
  •     Start reading and i mean physical books. They are an amazing stress reliever.
  •     Never stop dreaming and keep on setting goals. You must have heard the phrase “Never Settle” a number of times in life and there’s a reason for that. When you work towards something, towards a specific goal, then you’ll automatically be motivated to do other stuff.  
  •     Exercise daily. Period.
  •     Go outside for a minimum of 30 min daily and get some sunlight. Early morning is the best time. OUTSIDE GOOD, INSIDE BAD.
  •     Always use protection. All your success wouldn’t mean shit if you got an unexpected bun in the oven.
  •     Never ever watch porn. Use your imagination if need be but avoid porn at all cost.
  •     In the age of internet, we easily develop the habit of instant gratification. Want something to eat ? It’s just 2 clicks away. Wanna order clothes ? Just pick your phone and select from latest trends and this will cost you less than actually visiting the store or a restaurant.

    This creates a habit loop of EXPECTING everything INSTANTLY, which is the number one reason for stress. We just don’t realize that everything takes time, that dreams are not achieved by working overnight and this is why most people give up. So slow down, take a deep breath and slowly but constantly work towards your goal.

What mindset has made you successful?

Money doesn’t attract money. Money attracts thieves. Value attracts money. The quicker you come to terms with this principle, the faster you move up the echelons of life.

Pain motivates people to take action two times more than pleasure. Therefore, your chances of getting rich are two times more if you provide solutions that alleviate pain than solutions that derive pleasure.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, provide a service to people that will make them comfortable and make you uncomfortable. This will motivate them to transfer money into your pocket to enable you to enjoy a comfortable life in the future.

Do not seek to be successful. Seek to become a man or woman of value. Success follows value.

Success is not the result of money. Money is the result of success. Similarly, happiness doesn’t follow success—success follows happiness.

To become highly successful you must dedicate yourself to lifelong learning. Not in the academic sense of the word, but in the personal development sense of the word—also known as self-education.

The secret to success is habit, and the key to success is to change all your bad habits. Bad habits lead to disappointment, failure, misery, and misfortune. Good habits lead to success, excellence, happiness, and good luck.

Push yourself constantly and be consistent to ensure your personal growth. Remember, no one else is responsible for your life—and your life doesn’t belong to anyone else but you.

  What are the behaviors of a confident person?

    They don’t show off
    They can say no without any explanation
    Reacts same for a compliment and criticism
    Least bothered about what others think
    Emotionally balanced
    They are not afraid to take any challenge.
    Ready to take calculated risks
    They don’t fight for rights, they know how to get them.
  Usually they are not tensed, because they know how to get the things done.
    They feel less insecurity
    They don’t compare with others
    They know there is a solution for every problem
    They stand straight
    They treat Janitors and rich same way

What are the behaviors of a confident person? 

1.Has nothing to prove to anyone, doesn’t need to go around starting fights.
    2. Doesn’t need anyone’s approval to make a decision.
    3. Isn’t afraid to give to someone that could surpass him in life.
    4. Never needs anyone’s validation to maintain a good self esteem.
    5. Doesn’t make someone feel smaller to look larger in life.
   6. Admits wrong doing and owns up to it, with full accountability.
    7. Body language is open and loose, with straight posture to show a commanding presence.
    8. Owns a room with charisma.
    9. Does not hide from conflict, rises to action.
    10. Never ridicules others- it is a sign of insecurity.
   11. Speaks truth from the core of their being, and communicates with full conviction.
    12. Solid eye contact.
    13. Mentally controls emotions against outside environment.
    14. Practices what they want to do harder than anyone.
    15. Makes no excuses for failures.
    16. Does not need to be told how great they are because they have humility.
    17. Laughs at one’s self and doesn’t take the world too seriously.
    18. Stays focused on one’s own life and doesn’t need to compare oneself to others.
   19. Is honest no matter the consequences.
    20. Doesn’t need to be seen as anyone other than who they are, and unapologetically themselves.