Here Are The Best Twitter Jokes About The Presidential Debate Last Night

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To sum it up β€” it did not go well. After an immensely depressing 90 minutes, here’s how Twitter reacted to the debate:

CNN / @christinakeen891. β€” Christina Keen πŸΆπŸ¦†πŸ¦«πŸ’πŸ¦₯ (@christinakeen89) June 28, 2024
alexa play i hate it here by taylor swift

@chunkyfila2. β€” chunky fila (@chunkyfila) June 28, 2024
Give them both a pdf, first one that can rotate it gets to be president

@snmrrw3. β€” Sean Morrow (@snmrrw) June 28, 2024
trying to give joe an adderall through the tv

20th Television Animation / @bakerbakerbaker4. β€” baber (@bakerbakerbaker) June 28, 2024
bro why everytime they cut to biden hes

@BDTRELILBROTHER5. β€” Raymonte (@BDTRELILBROTHER) June 28, 2024
Baby Biden could have a heart attack and his eyeball could literally fall out live on camera I’m still not voting for trump

@salvucciodamic6. β€” s (@salvucciodamico) June 28, 2024

@Phil_Lewis_7. β€” philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) June 28, 2024
moderators: thank you

CNN / @VLONEPREDATOR8. β€” Pilgrim (@VLONEPREDATOR) June 28, 2024
Donald Trump and Joe Biden are taking turns napping while the other one talks 😭

@botticellibimbo9. β€” reversecowgirl69 (@botticellibimbo) June 28, 2024
the worst thing about them playing the debate at the strip club rn is that neither sound nor subtitles are on so its just the vibe of the debate.

CNN / @JBW9010. β€” Migo Targaryen (@JBW90) June 28, 2024
If I send you this, just know I don’t know wtf is going on

@annkpowers11. β€” Feeling Distant (@annkpowers) June 28, 2024
Even Calm is freaked out

@stevanzetti12. β€” steven monacelli (@stevanzetti) June 27, 2024
Making two geriatrics argue in front of the entire country at 9PM is diabolical

@DaveMcNamee300013. β€” 7/11 Truther (@DaveMcNamee3000) June 28, 2024

@AdamFriedland14. β€” Adam Friedland (@AdamFriedland) June 28, 2024
I wish they could both be president

@burgerkrang15. β€” adam (@burgerkrang) June 28, 2024
this game sucks lol

Amazon Prime / @MainEventChris16. β€” Prince Debit πŸ‡¨πŸ‡² (@MainEventChris_) June 28, 2024
Me and the homies at our black job

@tyler0202020217. β€” tyler (@tyler02020202) June 28, 2024
this elder abuse livestream

@kenklippenstein18. β€” Ken Klippenstein (@kenklippenstein) June 28, 2024
two rich geriatrics debating their golf game. this sucks man

20th Television Animation/ @tiffmoustakas19. β€” Tiffany Moustakas (@tiffmoustakas) June 28, 2024
All of the US right now

@ByYourLogic20. β€” Lead Actor from Pixar’s Sodas (@ByYourLogic) June 28, 2024
I was the White House staffer who decided that Biden should swallow an entire pineapple whole and then hold his breath and do a few spins before this debate

@myeshachou21. β€” myesha thee stallion (@myeshachou) June 28, 2024
whole time obama was shuffling through chappell roan’s discography for his summer playlist

@ElieNYC22. β€” Elie Mystal (@ElieNYC) June 28, 2024
… Kamala needs to sub in during the commercial break.

HBO / @slayonetta23. β€” d*niel (@slayonetta) June 28, 2024
Kamala Harris backstage rn

@ginnyhogan_24. β€” Ginny Hogan_ (@ginnyhogan_) June 28, 2024
ok if you don’t live in the US, please turn the debate off. This is our private family humiliation, and we’d all prefer you not stare.

@ryenarussillo25. β€” Russillo (@ryenarussillo) June 28, 2024
Ask about Bronny @jaketapper

CNN / @JoeDellera26. β€” Joe Dellera (@JoeDellera) June 28, 2024
Me when my bets don’t hit

@AdamFriedland27. β€” Adam Friedland (@AdamFriedland) June 28, 2024
Was gonna propose to my gf during the debate but I feel like it’s not the vibe

@charizardavis28. β€” charles r. davis (@charizardavis) June 28, 2024
this is going to ruin the tour

@ItsMattsLaw29. β€” Matt Margolis (@ItsMattsLaw) June 28, 2024
any drinking game will result in death tonight

@ali_sivi30. β€” bald ann dowd (@ali_sivi) June 28, 2024
god they’re both so hot

@BlakPantherBabe31. β€” Monica πŸ’šFree πŸ‡¨πŸ‡©πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡© (@BlakPantherBabe) June 28, 2024
We’re cooked

Tati via YouTube / @rosedommu32. β€” Rose Dommu (@rosedommu) June 28, 2024
CNN should have aired this instead of the debate

@greg1667693542033. β€” greg (@greg16676935420) June 28, 2024
I bet Abe Lincoln would rather go watch another play rather than this debate

CNN / @parisrae1334. β€” paris rae πŸ‰ (@parisrae13) June 28, 2024
me at a concert realizing the artist is actually real

Paramount+ / @heyjaeee35. β€” πŸ’« (@heyjaeee) June 28, 2024

In conclusion, pray for America!

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