A Guy Picks up a Girl

in that. That gave him some relief.
Suddenly he heard a gasp.
The girl was standing at the doorway.
Wide eyed she exclaims- “So, thats how
you guys fill up”.

My Lesbian Neighbors

A sailor comes to port, and decides he really needs to get laid. So he walks into town, and sees a sign- “Sisters of Mercy Convent & Brothel”. He walks into what appears to be a church. There’s a nun sitting by a table near the door. She intuits what it is he’s looking for, and says, put $5 in this tin cup and walk through that door. The sailor does so, and enters another room, and there’s another nun, with a table and a cup. $10, she says, and go through that door. The sailor goes into a third room, where a third nun with a table and cup asks for $15, and go through that door. The sailor coughs up the dough, and walks through the door. It slams and locks behind him, and he is in an alley behind the church, facing a brick wall with a large sign- “You have just been screwed by the Sisters of Mercy”.

A Girl in a Club

“And I’ve got no eyebrows,
so what does that tell you?”
“Going by the rest of your face,
have you been in a fire?”

Bad girl and her Grandmother

were there passing out free oranges and she was just lining up for some.
“Why, that’s awfully nice of them. I think I’ll get some for myself,” and she proceeded to the back of the line.
A policeman was going down the line asking for information from all of the prostitutes.
When he got to Grandma, he was bewildered and exclaimed, “Wow, still going at it at your age? How do you do it?”
Grandma replied,
“Oh, it’s easy, dear. I just take my dentures out, rip the skin back and suck them dry.”