My Lesbian Neighbors

A sailor comes to port, and decides he really needs to get laid. So he walks into town, and sees a sign- “Sisters of Mercy Convent & Brothel”. He walks into what appears to be a church. There’s a nun sitting by a table near the door. She intuits what it is he’s looking for, and says, put $5 in this tin cup and walk through that door. The sailor does so, and enters another room, and there’s another nun, with a table and a cup. $10, she says, and go through that door. The sailor goes into a third room, where a third nun with a table and cup asks for $15, and go through that door. The sailor coughs up the dough, and walks through the door. It slams and locks behind him, and he is in an alley behind the church, facing a brick wall with a large sign- “You have just been screwed by the Sisters of Mercy”.

When gave $20 to homeless guy

cook a fantastic meal for you. Then I’ll bring
you back & still give you $20.
He asked me won’t she get mad? I said it didn’t matter.
I just wanted her to see what happens to a man when he stops drinking & drag racing.

When Hair Stuck in Teeth

they do not manage to do it. Then John says:
J: Mary I will go to the dentist to help me.

M: If you think this is the best idea then go.
The dentist manages to pull the hair out and ask John:

D: John you did the “nasty” with Mary, didn’t you?
J: Yes doc how did you know, from the hair in my teeth?
D: No John, you have shit on your chin.