replied nonchalantly. “The Smiths bought one for their bedroom.
I liked it so much, I got one for us too.”

No more was said about the statue, not even later that night when
they went to sleep. Around two in the morning the husband got out
of bed, went to the kitchen and returned a while later with a
sandwich and a glass of milk.

“Here,” he said to the ‘statue’, “eat something. I stood like an
idiot at the Smiths’ for three days and nobody offered me as much as a glass of water.”

and name calling, Steve headed home frustrated. The following week when Steve’s buddies
arrived at the lake to set up camp, they were shocked to see Steve.

He was already sitting at the campground with a cold beer, swag rolled out, fishing
rod in hand, and a campfire glowing.

“How did you talk your missus into letting you go Steve?” “I didn’t have to,”
Steve replied. “Yesterday, when I left work,

I went home and slumped down in my chair with a beer to drown my sorrows because
I couldn’t go fishing. Then my lady Snuck up behind me and covered my eyes and said,

‘Surprise’. When I peeled her hands back, she was standing there in a beautiful see
through negligee and she said, ‘Carry me into the bedroom, tie me to the bed, and you
can do whatever you want,’ So, Here I am!”

in the prison.” And they made love for the first
time and the husband was smiling with satisfaction.

Nudging him, his bride giggles, “Honey the prisoner seems to have escaped.”
Turning on his side, he smiles and says,

“Then we will have to re-imprison him.” After the second time,
the bride says, “Honey, the prisoner is out again!”

The husband rises to the occasion and they made love again.

The bride again says, “Honey, the prisoner escaped again,” to which the
the husband yelled, “Hey, it’s not a life sentence!!!”

I stuck my p3nls inside the pickle slicer?'”

The wife is clearly blindsided by this confession and doesn’t know what to say next.
Eventually, she says to him “That was an incredibly stupid and
unsafe thing to do but at least you’re all in one piece.”

The husband appreciates his wife’s response and says “I suppose you’re right.”

To lighten the mood the wife asks cheerfully “So what happened to the pickle slicer?”

The husband takes a moment and says “Oh, she was fired too.”