Cinderella Wanted to Go Out

the fairy godmother said. “I will get you to the ball. I will give you a cairrage, dress, and more.

But be warned, if you do not come back before 12:00 tonight, a pumpkin will grow inside your vagina.” Cinderella agreed, and happily jumped around her room.

Soon, she left for the ball. After a while, the clock struck 11:45 PM, and the fairy godmother was waiting in Cinderella’s room. Soon it struck 12 AM, then 1 AM, then 2 AM.

At around three, Cinderella came home. “So, your vagina doesn’t hurt?” The fairy godmother asked.

“Not at all!” Cinderella replied. “While I was at the ball, I met a man named Peter. Oh, how I loved Peter!”