Dad is listening to his daughter say her prayers before bedtime.

the daughter says – God bless mommy and daddy. And goodbye grandma.
Sure enough, the next day grandma breathes her last earthly breath.

The dad realizes this is more than a coincidence, but he is not sure what to do.
He doesn’t want to disturb his wife by telling her (Grandma and grandpa were her parents).
Months go by and one night the man is listening to his daughter saying her prayers at bedtime –
God bless mommy….she turns her head and looks straight at him – and goodbye daddy. What!? are you sure honey?

She nods. The man’s heart begins racing and he breaks out in a sweat. He is so upset, he can’t sleep at all that night.
The next day he goes off to work, but locks himself in his office. He takes the phone off the hook,
cancels all his meetings and awaits the inevitable.

He stays at work past 5 because he feels secure there. He watches the hours tick by.
Finally it is midnight and, drenched in sweat, he realizes he has cheated death.
He drives home drenched in sweat and with all his nerves frazzled.

His wife is up and waiting for him – Where the hell were you today??! He replies –
Don’t shout, I’ve had an absolutely miserable day.
His wife then says – You had a miserable day? I’m the one who had a miserable day!
First, the milkman drops dead on the steps…