Funny Graduation Quotes

  1. “I can’t believe I’m finally done with pretending to pay attention.”
  2. “Congratulations to the class of ‘insert year here.’ We survived all-nighters and questionable cafeteria food.”
  3. “Now that I’ve graduated, my parents can stop referring to my education as an ‘investment.'”
  4. “Goodbye, assignments. Hello, existential crisis.”
  5. “I’m officially a graduate, which means I can finally trade in my sweatpants for… well, fancier sweatpants.”
  6. “I graduated with honors: honors of never wanting to take another exam again.”
  7. “They say the best years of your life are in college. Clearly, they’ve never had to pay off student loans.”
  8. “Dear diploma, you can’t tell me what to do anymore!”
  9. “I didn’t choose the graduation cap, the graduation cap chose me… to hide my bedhead.”
  10. “Four years of hard work, determination, and avoiding eye contact with the professor when they ask a question.”
  11. “I may be graduating, but I’ll always be a student of procrastination.”
  12. “Finally, I can put ‘professional student’ on my resume.”
  13. “Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because you’ll never have to do homework again.”
  14. “Now that I’ve graduated, I’m one step closer to becoming the person my parents always warned me about.”
  15. “I didn’t graduate with honors, I graduated with Netflix.”
  16. “Thanks, college, for teaching me the art of balancing a social life and a hangover.”
  17. “They say the real world is tough. I say, bring it on… after a nap.”
  18. “I didn’t just graduate; I unlocked the achievement for surviving adulthood.”
  19. “It’s not the end; it’s just the beginning of googling everything I don’t know.”
  20. “Congratulations to my fellow graduates. May we all find jobs that pay in actual money, not just exposure?”