Here’s the Oldest Dirty Joke I Know

can keep smoking. Ethyl, completely confounded by this move remarks:
Ethyl: “What is that?! I need one!”
Gladys: “Oh this? Just go to the pharmacist, and tell him you need some condoms.”
So Ethyl decides right then and there she needs to get condoms immediately. She takes
a detour on her way home that day and visits the pharmacy. She walks up to the teenager
working the counter at the pharmacy and says:
Ethyl: “I’d like a pack of condoms please.”
Teenager: “Ma’am, aren’t you a little bit old to … you know?”
Ethyl: [taken aback by this] “Excuse me?! I’ve been doing this since I was a teenager!”
Realizing the guy working there had no room to speak, he asks what size she’ll need.
Ethyl: “Oh I need ones that will fit a Camel.”