The rising costs of Diesel and petrol across the nation and the growing awareness of the impact on the environment caused by burning these fuels have led to many people looking for alternatives to the fuel they use. The most preferred option that people are making is compressed natural gas (CNG). Many people are choosing CNG because it is easily retrofitted to the existing diesel or petrol cars and the filing times for CNG are extremely fast. Before you get your car CNG certified, let us know what you can do to get your car CNG Certified.

How do I get a CNG certificate?

The transition to CNG to fuel your vehicle requires lots of paperwork. It is necessary to submit the following documents to the nearest Road Transport Office (RTO):

  1. The registry certificate (RC) (also known as smart cards). An updated RC is issued with the conversion.
  2. Copy of the car insurance. It is required to notify your insurance company. A fee of 4 percent on the CNG kit’s worth will be added to the premium, and the required changes will be made to the policy.
  3. Identification proof: A passport, a landline bill, voter’s ID passport, passbook issued by a national bank.
  4. Certificate of installation from the retrofitting center. The RFC is required to fill out a form issued through the RTO.
  5. An RFC copy license.
  6. The certification from the chief controller of Explosives (CCOE) for the CNG Cylinder.
  7. CCOE certificate for “multifunction valve’ in the event of a change to LPG.
  8. Copy of the approval certificate for the vehicle model obtained from Vehicle Research and Development Establishment, International Center for Automotive Technology, or Automotive Research Association of India.
  9. Certificate of Pollution Control for the Petrol model.

After the submission of documents, the RTO officer will verify the CNG kit including the CNG Certificate and other documents submitted. There are Rs 750 charges for endorsing CNG kits in RTO along with road tax charges which vary according to the state.

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