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  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an English proficiency test conducted to enter an English-speaking country for work or higher studies. Many famous universities and companies in the UK, Canada, Australia, and even the USA, recognize the IELTS exam. The test is designed to evaluate your English Language in terms of Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

    How to Get 7+ Bands in IELTS

    IELTS test has four sections- Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Each section requires a unique approach to get a 7-band score. Let’s take a look at how you can approach each section individually


    Listening is considered one of the easiest of the four sections. In this exam, the candidates will have to listen to 4 different recordings, and based on those recordings, you have to answer 40 questions in 30 minutes. The tricky part of the test is that you have to listen to the recording and write/type the answer at the same time.


    • Listening is all about practice. Take as many mock tests as possible
    • Try to master different accents of English so that you can understand the accents of the native English speakers better.
    • Listening to podcasts, and watching English shows will help you in strengthening your listening capabilities.  


    The reading test contains three sections with 40 questions, which you need to answer in 1 hour. Reading is all about time management.  


    • Note your time while practicing reading sections.
    • Hone your vocabulary skills
    • Take a look at the questions before you start reading the text.


    Writing contains two sections, tasks 1 & 2. Task 1 involves report writing by analyzing bar charts, pie charts, tables, etc. whereas, in task 2, candidates are required to write an essay based on view & opinion, agree & disagree, and double question.


    • The writing section tests your language skills. Plan your composition before putting it on the paper.
    • Write an attractive introduction and end your essay with strong meaningful conclusions.
    • Do not use repetitive words; instead, use synonyms.


    Speaking exam takes place either a few days before or after three other tests. The entire test lasts for 15-20 minutes and involves an introduction and a two-way conversation between the examiner and the examinee.


    • Form simple and error-free sentences
    • Get your pronunciation right
    • Speak full sentences
    • Practice at home by talking to your family & friends.

    IELTS 7 Band Preparation at Home

    If you want to prepare for IELTS at home, then you can refer to online IELTS material guides and sample papers. Books and resources are also a great way to prepare for the IELTS exam followed by many aspirants who do not go to any formal coaching institute. Students can also refer to the official IELTS website for extra study material. In addition to all the resources and material, here are a few tips that can help you prepare for the exam on your own.

    • Give a free mock test before starting your exam preparation.
    • Understand the exam pattern.
    • Find out which section is more convenient for you and give more concentration to those sections.
    • Refer to all question types, and watch some YT videos. There is no need to spend thousands of money on coaching.
    • For reading, Cambridge books are more than enough to practice for your speaking. Get the latest edition of the book.
    • To get assistance in the speaking section, join telegram or zoom. Find a partner, arrange a call with them, and practice. Also, take a speaking test daily.

    How to prepare for IELTS in 10 days?

    Preparing for IELTS requires some amount of effort & dedication. However, if have only ten days for the exam, you need to create a strategy and prepare smartly. Cracking the IELTS exam in 10 days is possible. Following are some of the tips on how to get 7 bands in IELTS in just ten days.

    • Step 1- Understand the exam structure. Spend one-day reading structure and understanding marking criteria.
    • Step 2- Tackle each module individually- Devote two days to prepare for each section. Also, practice your handwriting if you are going for a pen/paper test.
    • Step 3- Take mock tests- There are many websites where you can take IELTS mock tests free of cost. You can also get books that contain mock test papers.
    • Step 4- Speak in English- Often speaking modules are ignored by many. I suggest you not do that. Make your conversations with friends and family, or better talk to yourself.
    • Step 5- Practice daily- Write essays, take tests every day, note down your average score and make sure your scores are consistently improving.

    If you think preparing for IELTS by yourself is not your cup of tea, especially when you have only ten days in hand, it’s best to seek assistance. Enroll yourself in an online IELTS training program.

    How to Get 7 Band in IELTS Speaking?

    To get 7+band in IELTS speaking, practice is all you need. There is no other way you can crack this section. Read some of the following tips to get a good score in the speaking section.

    • Keep your answer short and finish confidently. Don’t give incomplete answers.
    • Give your answers using full sentences.
    • Use words from the examiner’s question which will give them the idea that you understood his question.
    • Give a reason/explanation for your answer. Sometimes it’s good to exaggerate.
    • Don’t forget to answer with yes or no for questions starting with “do you”, “have you”, “are you”, “were you”, “will you”, etc. Then proceed with your answer.

    How to Get 7 Band in IELTS Writing?

    Let’s take a look at the following steps to achieve 7+ band in writing:

    • Know the rules (exam pattern & marking criteria)
    • Make your writing piece original & authentic.
    • Only deal with experts. If you are taking coaching, make sure they know the criteria.
    • Read, read, and read some more- it exposes you to a wide range of language, vocabulary, and information. Examples of some credible resources are- The Guardian, BBC, National Geographic, etc.
    • Practice as much as you can. Read, write, speak, and repeat.
    • Plan ahead- Start your preparation as soon as possible. But before the test, decide where you want to go, how much time is left for the exam, what’s your current score, etc.
    • Beware of myths: don’t follow misinformation.

    How to Get 7 bands in IELTS in one month?

    Getting a 7-band score in IELTS in one month requires thorough preparation. Read the following steps that will act as a guide to get desired results.

    • Create a study plan and practice every day- Try to give 4 hours a day, an hour for each section.
    • Improve listening and speaking skills.
    • Practice online
    • Learn grammar and strengthen your vocabulary

    Cracking the IELTS exam in a limited time is challenging, but with sheer hard work and determination, you can get a 7+ band score. All the best!