Imagine Spicy af Detailed

are against my ass, and I cry out at the feel of him stretching my body.
“Fuck,” I gasp, closing my eyes and burying my face against the pillows. He doesn’t let me rest for long, though.

Oliver reaches out to thread his fingers in my hair, yanking my face up for my viewers to see. “Tell them how I feel,” he orders, and when I only whimper, he lightly slaps my thigh. “Don’t tease them, Envy, baby. That’s not very nice.”

Neither is he, and I worry that I’ve got- -ten in over my head this time. His grip on my hair causes my scalp to prickle and burn, but it’s not the worst feeling I’ve ever had.

“He’s so big,” I tell my viewers, my voice soft and trembling. “He’s so fuck- ing big and-” I trail off with a grasp as he pulls out just to thrust back in. I close my eyes and arch into him, letting out another breath as he sets a rhythm for my viewers.

While I’m having problems getting more than one word out, Oliver certainly