Inter Caste Marriage Scheme- Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Apply Now

  • Inter Caste Marriage Scheme- Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, and more!
  • Inter Caste Marriage Scheme
  • Benefits of Inter-caste Marriage Scheme
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Documents Required
  • How to Apply for the Benefits
  • Inter Caste Marriage Scheme- Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, and more!

    Traditionally, marriages in Hindu society take place on the basis of Jatis (caste) and up-jatis (sub-caste). However, with the rise of inter-caste marriages, it becomes a necessity to protect the rights of minorities. Inter-caste marriages aim at reducing caste prejudices and untouchability prevalent in our society and help promote the values of liberty and equality.   

    Inter Caste Marriage Scheme

    The scheme is often referred to as the Dr. Ambedkar Scheme for Social Integration through Inter Caste marriages. The Inter-caste marriage scheme is designed to eliminate caste bars. The objective of this scheme is to encourage the socially brave step taken by newly married couples and reward them by extending financial support assistance. 

    Benefits of Inter-caste Marriage Scheme

    -The incentive amount provided to a couple for a legal inter-caste marriage is ₹ 2.50 lakh. The eligible couple would get ₹ 1.50 lakh through RTGS/NEFT to the joint bank account. The remaining amount would be kept as fixed deposits for three years.

    -A sum of ₹ 25,000, for every married couple will be discharged to the district authorities for organizing a befitting program in which the said amount would be given to the couple. 

    -Many state governments also provide other benefits to the couple who have solemnized inter-caste marriages.

    Eligibility Criteria

    To avail the benefits provided under the “Inter-caste Marriage Scheme” there are certain criteria to be met by the couples. Let’s take a look at them-

    • A married couple in which one spouse belongs to Scheduled Caste (SC) and the other belongs to a Non-Scheduled Caste is eligible for this scheme.
    • The marriage must be valid and duly registered under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.
    • It must be the first legal marriage of the couple. No benefits will be provided on the second and subsequent marriages.
    • The proposal would be valid if submitted within one year of marriage.
    • The annual income of a married couple, when combined must be less than five lakhs.
    • All the documents prescribed under the scheme must be submitted to the concerned authority.
    • The Minister of Social Justice & Empowerment, along with the Chairman of the Ambedkar Foundation, has the full discretion to sanction the incentive to the couple.

    Documents Required

    The list of documents required to avail of the incentive of the Inter Caste Marriage Scheme are:

    • Identity proof such as an Aadhaar card copy or a Voters ID card.
    • Caste certificate number of both the spouses.
    • Inter-caste marriage certificate issued by Panchayat Pradhan, Sub Registrar’s office, or certificate given by NSS or SND could be submitted.
    • Salary certificates of the couples and original documents are required to be submitted.
    • Marriage certificate under Hindu Marriage Act, 1995, declaring the couple has been married recently. It must be received from a Gazetted Officer of the concerned authority/area.
    • Marriage photo of the couple
    • mobile number of both the spouses
    • Ration card

    How to Apply for the Benefits

    • You can find the application form on the official website of the Ambedkar Foundation.
    • The married couple has to fill out an application form along with all the required documents to the concerned District Social Justice Officers.
    • After online registration, an SMS will be sent to the couple as a confirmation. Couples can print the acknowledgment form.
    • After this, a spot verification of all the details & documents provided will be done by a Social Welfare team.
    • Only after successful verification, the incentive amount will be credited to the couple’s joint bank account.

    Note: If the newly married couple has already received any kind of financial assistance from the state government, then the amount will be adjusted to the actual incentive amount.