Man Heard Seductive Coos

waiting on the other sides and immediately decides to give it a try.
While slipping his junk into the first hole, he notices there’s a
small American flag on the wall.

From behind the wall, he hears “Rub-a-dub-dub! Thanks for the grub!”
and promptly receives incredible oral that leaves him breathless.

Thinking it would be a waste to leave now, he walks up to a second
hole with a Japanese flag above it and inserts his johnson.

From behind the wall, he hears “Itadakimasu!” and receives
mind-blowing service that almost makes his knees buckle.

Excited to try another, he eagerly walks up to a third hole with
a French flag above it and places his member into the hole.

From behind the wall, he hears “Bon appétit!”, but quickly
takes his junk back out.

Confused, the French woman behind the wall peers through the
hole and sees the man putting his pants back on with a sad
expression and shuffling back to the exit,
muttering “…it’s not THAT petite…”