Not Satisfied With Small Tool

searching for ways to climb his way up. Luckily he found a rope hanging down that cliff. Excited, he climbed up and on the top of a cliff he found a small weird looking hut. The man went inside and to his expectation, he found the wizard. The wizard was sitting there drinking from a flask. He welcomed the man and asked his purpose for this visit.

The man told wizard the whole story and asked for help. The wizard agreed. He asked that man to drink the secret potion from his flask. “Only 2 drops”, he said. As soon as the man drank it, his penis grew. The man was ecstatic. He thanked the wizard and took his leave. But before leaving, out of curiosity, he asked the wizard, “Just 2 drops of that potion did the magic on me. You have been drinking from that flask as well, yet it seems like the potion has no effect on you. Why is it so?”

The wizard said, “You think that was a rope hanging down the cliff?”