Halaplay vs Dream11 Features

Halaplay is best from features point of view. If we compare Halaplay with Dream 11, Halaplay too offers similar groups but in a wide range which are especially fulfilling.

Purposes of contrast –

Group Selection/Modification.

Where in Dream 11, we should make the group join classes before a hour of the real match timings. Any alterations ought to be done before a hour of authority coordinate begin. Be that as it may, in Halaplay, we can choose/adjust the group and join associations till the last second of match beginning time.


Group lineup settings

In Dream 11 we ought to make a group by insignificant figure of expected players, who some won’t not play that supposed coordinate and can sit on seat, in this manner loosing focuses. Be that as it may, in Halaplay, we can alter the cooperative individuals in the wake of knowing the squad. The best thing, Halaplay (if empowered) send push notices of the group lineups when discharged and gives you a chance to change appropriately.

Number of classes

Poor Dream 11 has predetermined number of classes as 8-15(Public challenges), 2– 5 (Head to Head) and some training contests(free and no profit).

In any case, in Halaplay, number of challenges resemble 100– 125(Public challenges), 20– 30(Head to head), 20(Reverse dream), and so forth. They don’t put any training alliances tho.

Money rewards

In Dream 11, you’re qualified in two different ways of getting cash bonus. One, you get joining reward of 100 (If you are a recently enrolled) and two, bits of rewards when your alluded companion unites a challenge with his cash. In Halaplay, you get joining reward of 100, yet you wont get any rewards for your companion’s playing like in Dream 11. Be that as it may, you quickly get 50 additional once your recently alluded companion checks his PAN. Furthermore, the best part, you get 10– 100% extra rewards (just once and by applying codes) of your first since forever stores into Halaplay wallet.

By a wide margin, these are the significant focuses to be noted and makes contrasts.

Installment strategies are the same of both and process rapidly. I even observe Halaplay’s client benefit, a promising one contrasted with Dream 11. They do react via sends if any question raised.

Information Reference : www.halaplay-tips.com

Innovative people are working overtime to make our life simpler and each year brings us something new. In following, we present to you 29 smart new inventions that are fresh and upcoming..


1. A pen that lets you scan and write in any color.

multicolor pen that pic the color from sense

2. Ultimate outlet would also have extension cords built into the wall


3. Benches that you can turn to always have a dry seat

bench-that is always dry

4. Power strips that you can expand and rotate

5. Mug that catches any drips

mug that catches dropsac

6. Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks.

Device that charges your phone from hot or cold drinks.

7.This solar powered charger.

This solar powered charger.

8. Subways where you can pay by recycling.

Subways where you can pay by recycling

9.Clever cutting board

Clever cutting board

10.In case of a flat tire and you need to lift your car to change tires

11.Bedside foldout tray

12.Speakers that make you the life of the pool party

Jio DTH Connection – Price & Online Booking Details
Picture Quality SD, HD, 4K
Total Channels 432 Standard
Welcome Offer First 3 Month Free
Set Top Box Price Approx Rs. 1800
Basic Plan Price Rs. 49 – Rs. 250
Installation Fee Free Standard
Band Frequency Range 12 to 18 GHz
Internet Connectivity Yes, Confirmed
Launch Date 15 May (Approx)
Regional Language Yes, 15
HDMI Output Port Available
Digital Dolby Sound 5.1 Surround
Pause Live TV Yes, Available

Reliance Jio will add another feather to its cap by launching the DTH connection along with Jio Fiber. This DTH service will also be called Jio Home TV and will be available with a very cheap and affordable set top box. It is said that Jio Home TV will have Enhanced Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS) technology.

Since the launch of Jio Fiber is being delayed, reason being, it is a mammoth project plus some issues with the governmental authorities. Therefore, Reliance Jio, for the time being has shifted its focus towards setting up Jio DTH services.

The Jio DTH set top box does not need a broadband connection, it just requires the interested users to get themselves registered by filling in all their required details. The Jio DTH connection will be much cheaper and will be available at very reasonable rates than the other high cost DTH connections. So, customers thinking of dumping their current digital TV connections can surely replace them with the amazing Jio Home TV DTH connection.

Below are given some major details about Jio DTH aka Jio Home TV:
Launch Date: Diwali 2018 (tentative)
Installation charges: ₹1000
HD Channels: 50 HD channels can be viewed
Free Subscription: Yes, Jio DTH will offer free subscription for three months like the rest of the Reliance Jio services.
Current Status: Beta testing phase
Standard Definition Channels Price/Package: ₹200
High Definition Channels Price/Package: ₹400

JIO DTH Pack Name Expected Price in Rupees
Normal Pack 49 to 55
All Spots Channels (in HD) 60 to 69
Value Prime Channels 120 to 150
Kids Channels 188 to 190
My Family Pack 200 to 250
My Plan 50 to 54
MY Sports 159 to 169
Big Ultra Pack 199 to 220
Metro Pack 199 to 250
Dhoom 99 to 109

This information was leaked out sometime ago and there has been no official confirmation released by Mukesh Ambani as yet, but, it is expected that Jio DTH and Jio Fiber will be available with these packages/plans by the end of this year.

It requires great time and effort to bring to reality such big projects, but Reliance Jio has been doing this task in the past years. So, customers waiting for the official release of Jio’s broadband and digital TV services need to have some patience and trust upon the Reliance Jio engineers for they will provide them with the best technology ever used in India.

top-expensive schools in usa

Salisbury School:

Salisbury School is an all-boys, private college-preparatory boarding school founded in 1901 and located in Salisbury, Connecticut. Its school newspaper is The Cupola. Its mascot is the Crimson Knight.
Address: 251 Canaan Rd, Salisbury, CT 06068, United States
Phone: +1 860-435-5700
Founded: 1901
Number of students: 325
Tuition: $49,093

Lawrenceville School:

Lawrenceville School is a coeducational, independent college preparatory boarding school for students in ninth through twelfth grades, located on 700 acres in the historic Lawrenceville section.

Address: 2500 Main St, Lawrenceville, NJ 08648, United States
Rival: The Hill School
District: Lawrence Township Public Schools
Phone: +1 609-896-0400
Founded: 1810
Enrollment: 816
Tuition: $48,700

Riverdale Country School:

is a co-educational, independent, college-preparatory day school in New York City. It is located on two campuses covering more than 27 acres in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York.

Address: 5250 Fieldston Rd, Bronx, NY 10471, United States
Enrollment: 1,060 (2008)
Phone: +1 718-549-8810
Founded: 1907
Tuition: $47,660

The Hotchkiss School:


is a private, nonsectarian, coeducational, college preparatory boarding school in Lakeville, Connecticut of the New York metropolitan area, founded in 1891.
Address: 11 Interlaken Rd, Lakeville, CT 06039, United States
Phone: +1 860-435-2591
Founded: 1891
Tuition: $46,705

Avenues: The World School:

is a planned international system of for-profit private schools for pre-K-12th grades. The first campus opened in September, 2012 in the New York City neighborhood of Chelsea.
Address: 259 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001, United States
Founder: Chris Whittle
Founded: 2011
Phone: +1 212-524-9000
Tuition: $45,350

Buddha's Short Story on Abuse and criticism

Buddha was well known for his ability to respond to evil with good. There was a man who knew about his reputation and he traveled miles and miles and miles to test Buddha. When he arrived and stood before Buddha, he verbally abused him constantly; he insulted him; he challenged him; he did everything he could to offend Buddha.

Buddha was unmoved, he simply turned to the man and said, “May I ask you a question?”

The man responded with, “Well, what?”

Buddha said, “If someone offers you a gift and you decline to accept it, to whom then does it belong?”

The man said, “Then it belongs to the person who offered it.”

Buddha smiled, “That is correct. So if I decline to accept your abuse, does it not then still belong to you?”

The man was speechless and walked away.

5 ways to stay productive

Do you often find yourself wondering about the ways to ‘increase energy levels’ after work? Workplace sucks out every ounce of energy out of our being!!Doesn’t it? No wonder the question ‘what to do to gain energy after work?’ seems to loom over every working person now and then!! Here we are discussing the top 5 ways to increase energy!! Read and grasp!!

1.Never Skip Your breakfast; If possible make it as heavy as you can!

And we are not talking about fat; if possible make sure that you have a carbohydrate rich meal in the morning. Cereal grain makes for a great breakfast and in case you love fruits – and even if you don’t – have at least one fruit with things like nuts, grains, and oats, as they add fiber to your body which helps in keeping your energy levels up and strong!

2.Drink, Drink and Drink – as much Water as you can!

It is advised that you should drink at least 8 ounces of water daily!!That is about 1.9 liters!! Science states that our muscles want water to work properly and even a 1-3% loss leads to fatigue!! Hence, do drink as much as you can, and more so if your schedule also consists of exercise. Avoid drinking spirits and caffeine as they lead to loss of water.

3. Go for an energy-boosting snack.

It is commonly advised that one should go for sugar if they want to increase their energy levels, but this is not what one should do. This is because, sugar only increases energy for a small period, and once the blood sugar level drops, you are again where you started from. Hence, instead of eating something sweet, go for a protein rich snack like nuts, peanut butter or nonfat yogurt or other things which have antioxidants; they are good at boosting depleted energy levels.

4. Breathe deeply & do relaxation exercises.

It has normally been seen that majority of humans have shallow breathing which becomes one of the reasons that lead us towards low energy levels as it limits the amount of oxygen in our bodies, which is further needed to convert food into energy. Therefore, if you want to keep up your energy levels, start breathing consciously and exhale for about twice as long as you inhale. Try doing meditation or relaxation exercises (inhale, and relax parts of your body one by one as you exhale) for better results!

5. Make Sure You Have Sound Sleeping schedule.

Lack of a good sleep can upset body’s proper functioning which can also be the reason behind low energy levels. If possible make sure that you go to bed at the same time every day! And though the amount of sleep can vary from person to person, try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night. So, if you feel tired all the time, increase your usual number of sleep-hours for improvement!!