Privacy Policy

We maintain a privacy policy to keep our users safe and secure. Users navigating to our website need not worry as our privacy policy includes the following terms, hence, ensuring privacy at every step:

  1. User’s information: All the users visiting our website and filling in their personal credentials need not worry about them getting to any third party website. We duly respect the private details of our users and we strongly discourage any sort of misuse of anyone’s personal data. A user entering their private details will receive e – mails or SMS regarding any latest update that the users have subscribed to.


  1. Use of cookies: Our site uses cookies so that we can keep a due track of a visitor’s preference and the next time they navigate to, they get their earlier searched content at the first place.


  1. Advertisements: Our website contains advertisements as well whose privacy policies might be different from ours. We shall not be responsible for any objectionable content or any changes that might occur in their policies in near future.