Talking Chicken

favorite favorite kind of beer?”
The chicken says “Bock, bock, bock.”
The bartender says “Ha, ha, very funny, pal!”
The guy says “No, really! He can talk! Freddie, what’s a male deer called?”
The chicken says “Buck, buck, buck.”
The bartender says, “Okay, it was funny the first time, but now it’s kind of annoying!”
The guy says, “I swear! Give me one more chance! Freddie, who’s the best composer ever?”
The chicken says “Bach, Bach, Bach.”
The bartender says, “All right, that’s it! You’re outta here!” And the bartender throws him and the chicken out.
The guy says, “Freddie, you really disappointed me! How come you didn’t prove to the bartender that you can talk?”
The chicken says “what did you want me to say, Beethoven?“