The man’s Wife Left him

with no questions asked, I’ll pay you $100, that’s all I have.”
The watchman agreed. After that, the man got into his car and left the cemetery in a hurry. He was confused and did not look where he was going and… Before he could realize what was happening, he knocked down another cop. He was even more confused – it’s not every day that you’re lucky enough to hit a cop twice. He needed to pull himself together and figure out what to do.

He came up with an unusually stupid plan: He drove back to the cemetery and quietly threw the second cop to the watchman while he was distracted.
The watchman finished burying the first one, turned around only to see the second cop. “WTF? I swear I buried it??”

Just down the road there was a police post near the cemetery. The cop notices that the same car had travelled back and forth to the cemetery and decided to check what was happening. He drove to the cemetery where the watchman just buried the second cop.
The officer asked him: “What’s going on here?” Only for the watchman hit him on the head with a shovel: “Will you just fucking stay buried?!”

Big thanks to /u/SephariusX and many others who helped improve the joke grammatically