What Are The Behaviors of a Confident Person?

What are the behaviors of a confident person? 

1.Has nothing to prove to anyone, doesn’t need to go around starting fights.
    2. Doesn’t need anyone’s approval to make a decision.
    3. Isn’t afraid to give to someone that could surpass him in life.
    4. Never needs anyone’s validation to maintain a good self esteem.
    5. Doesn’t make someone feel smaller to look larger in life.
   6. Admits wrong doing and owns up to it, with full accountability.
    7. Body language is open and loose, with straight posture to show a commanding presence.
    8. Owns a room with charisma.
    9. Does not hide from conflict, rises to action.
    10. Never ridicules others- it is a sign of insecurity.
   11. Speaks truth from the core of their being, and communicates with full conviction.
    12. Solid eye contact.
    13. Mentally controls emotions against outside environment.
    14. Practices what they want to do harder than anyone.
    15. Makes no excuses for failures.
    16. Does not need to be told how great they are because they have humility.
    17. Laughs at one’s self and doesn’t take the world too seriously.
    18. Stays focused on one’s own life and doesn’t need to compare oneself to others.
   19. Is honest no matter the consequences.
    20. Doesn’t need to be seen as anyone other than who they are, and unapologetically themselves.