When 2 Students Accidentally Miss The Math Final Exam

cart and you get too hot. What do you do?”The student replies “I open the window.”

“Ok. Now that window is 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. The train is traveling 50 mph
going north and the wind is blowing at 15 mph due east. How long will it take for
new air to replace the old air in the cart?”

The student is clearly confused at this impossible question and just answers “I don’t
know”. So the professor gives him an F, dismisses him, and calls in his friend.

He begins asking his friend “you are riding in a train cart and it gets too hot. What do you do? He says “I take my jacket off.”

“Ok. But it’s still too hot. What do you do?”
“I take my shirt off.”

“I understand but it’s very, very hot.”
“I will just get naked.”

“Ok. But there’s a guy in front of you getting a hard-on by watching you strip naked!”
The student replies: “Professor, the entire train can fuck me in the ass I am NOT opening that window!”