Why is Royal Enfield known as bullet?

Royal Enfield is a brand name under the British company, The Enfield Cycle Company Limited. This company was initially a weapons manufacturer industry where the ‘Enfield Rifle’ was among their most famous weaponry. The Enfield Cycle Company opened up its unit in Chennai (Madras) and became partners with Madras Motors. Together they formed ‘Enfield of India’ in Chennai and it was in 1901 that Royal Enfield Chennai launched Bullet and Bullet when on to become the most successful and popular model of Royal Enfield. It surpassed all other models like Sherpa, Fury, and Super Meteor etc. The reason why people call RE as Bullet is that they are more acquainted with the name ‘Bullet’, so ‘Royal Enfield’ is more commonly known as Bullet in India.

History of Royal Enfield

1931 – Royal Enfield, more popularly known as Bullet in India was actually a British single cylinder four stroke motorbike with an overhead valve. This four stroke single cylinder bullet evolved in 1931 and was manufactured by Royal Enfield in Redditch, England but now it is manufactured Royal Enfield, Chennai (India).Three types of engines were launched in this model – 250 cc, 350 cc and 500 cc.

1939 to 1956 – The previous model was refreshed by Royal Enfield in 1939 with a new line – up. After that, numerous changes were made in the bullet’s engine, frame, headlights and look and in 1953; a 499 cc engine was replaced with the earlier engine of the bullet. The Indian Army also ordered a set of bullets in 1949 for patrolling which led the company start an independent manufacturing unit in Madras, India. The 1955 Bullet model gained much popularity and the Madras factory produced 20K bullets every year.

1956 till now – It took years of sweat and hard work to create the finest version of Bullet motorcycles. In 1956, the previous Bullet model was redefined with some new changes like weather protection gear, UCE engine, ABS brakes on both and back side and an improved smoke emission system. The Royal Enfield Bullets in the latest version are well – equipped and with the latest technology.

Types of Royal Enfield Bullets and their Specifications

Royal Enfield is that famous age old brand that produced Bullet and almost all the models of Bullet went on to become a huge success, especially among the youth. Check out the most famous types of Bullets that Royal Enfield manufactured:

Model Specifications Classic 350 Classic 500 Thunderbird 350 Thunderbird 500 Bullet Electra 350 Bullet Standard 500
Price 1.39 lakhs 1.70 lakhs 1.50 lakhs 1.91 lakhs 1.16 lakhs 1.16 lakhs
Engine (in cc) 346 cc 499 cc 346 cc 346 cc 499 cc 346 cc
Mileage 37 kmpl 32 kmpl 40 kmpl 30 kmpl 40 kmpl 30 kmpl

Model Specifications Classic 350 Classic 500 Thunderbird 350 Thunderbird 500 Bullet Electra 350 Bullet Standard 500
Price Rs. 1.39 lakhs Rs. 1.70 lakhs Rs. 1.50 lakhs Rs. 1.91 lakhs Rs. 1.16 lakhs Rs. 1.69 lakhs
Engine (in cc) 346 cc 499 cc 346 cc 499cc 346 cc 499 cc
Mileage 37 kmpl 32 kmpl 40 kmpl 30 kmpl 40 kmpl 30 kmpl

Reasons why bullet is liked by people of all ages

Bullet is the first choice among bike lovers. Mostly, people belonging to Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh region are more fond of riding a Bullet. Following are some prominent reasons why Bullet is a favorite among boys and girls:

• UCE (Unit Construction Engine)
The engine used in the earlier Royal Enfield models was replaced by the new and improved UCE engine. The dug – dug sound makes heads turn, thanks to the Unit Construction Engine and gearbox used in Classic 350 and 500 cc Bullets, Standard Electra and Thunderbird Twinspark.

• First choice among Army men
Since bullet is a heavy built bike, so it can be driven in coarse areas and plain areas as well and so it is the most preferred choice among army men which also makes Bullet the highest selling bike model of Royal Enfield.

• Swag Factor
With time slangs change and with time people have associated riding a bullet with the carrying of swag or we should say that if you want to have Wakhra Swag, then ride a Bullet.

• Commands Pride
Riding a Bullet is also associated with power and pride. When you sit on the desi black horse aka the Bullet, a feeling of pride runs through and make you feel more confident. P.S. – Try out the kurta pyjama look while riding a Bullet.

• Status Symbol
Bullet has become a status symbol nowadays, more so for the people belonging to Punjab and Chandigarh. The growing inclination towards purchasing a heavy metal bullet seems to be part of the demonstration effect as well.

• Best for trips to hilly areas
Bullet is the most preferred bike among bikers who wish to take a trip to the hills as it has a heavy engine which makes it easy for the bikers to go out on a thrilling expedition.