She leaves and I pass out. The next night I go back to
the same casino bar, and sure enough she’s there again
and I decide I wanted some more. I walk up to her and say
“You were amazing last night, how much would it cost for a

blow job?” She then smiles and says “1 grand.” Again I’m a
little bit set back by the price and I said “A grand? Is it
that good?” She then whips out her phone and shows me a

picture of a HUGE, luxurious house. She then says “See this
house? I paid for it with blowjobs” so I said “Alright let’s
do it” so this time we go into her car and she decides to
blow me in the parking lot, and its the best blowjob I ever had.

We sit there and I’m blown away by this woman, so I ask her,
“how much would it cost for some pussy?” She then laughs and
points to the casino. “You see that casino?” I said “…yeah?”
She says “If I had a pussy, I would own that casino.”

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awesome and the unexpected tranny attack its been a good day.

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