A Guy Goes to see a Woman

They go up to her place. They move to the bedroom immediately and he pays her up front.

Before they start, she insists that they should be in total darkness. “I don’t want to give my technique away, it’s a secret.” He accepts, so she closes the blinds before laying him down on the bed. She takes his pants off and starts blowing him.

And sure enough, a few moments later, he hears her voice singing, quite clearly : “Ooooh saaaay, can… youuuu… seeeee…”

The guy is flabbergasted. The blowjob feels amazing and now he really wants to know how she’s doing it. He tries to think of what the trick could be… It can’t be someone else, the sound is clearly coming from her.

He tries to look around discreetly by turning his head a bit, as there’s a thin sliver of light coming through the window, but he can’t manage to get an angle where he can see her. All he can see is the bedside table. There’s his wallet, his phone, and… What’s that? … A glass eye?