How to Conceive Baby Girl Naturally- Indian Method
  • Tips for conceiving a baby girl
  • How to Conceive a Baby Girl Naturally- Indian Astrology
  • Time of Conception for a baby girl
  • Fertile days to conceive a baby girl-Ovulation Calculator
  • Shettles Method to conceive a baby girl- Do’s & Don’ts
  • Diet to conceive a baby girl
  • Conclusion
  • Do you wish to have a baby girl that can wear a teeny tiny pink dress? The answer must beyes. Thats why you landed on this page. If you are wondering how to conceive a baby girl,then this article might be useful for you. There are a lot of anecdotal stories and claimsabout influencing the chances of having either a girl or a boy, but the scientific facts areabsolutely clear. The chances of conceiving a boy or a girl are almost equal. However,people try various methods to get what they want, and sometimes it also works. Also, it isworth noting that it is the fathers who influence the gender of the baby and not the mothers.

    In this post, we will share some tips on what you can do to improve your chances of havinga baby girl. Keep in mind that methods for conceiving a boy or a girl don&t guaranteesuccess, but it can&t hurt to try. Also, you have a 50 percent chance either way.

    Tips for conceiving a baby girl

    The key to conceiving a baby girl is timing. Having s*x during the fertile window increasesthe chances of getting pregnant. To have a baby girl, try to have s*x 2-4 days before youstart ovulating.Experts believe that it is best to have s*x every single day from the day when yourmenstrual cycle is over to conceive a baby girl. Instead of limiting your s*x to a fixedschedule, try to have as much s*x as you can.s*x position also plays an important role in influencing the gender of a baby. Many believethat the missionary position works best to have a girl child. Researchers also claim that it isbetter to avoid deep penetration while having s*x if you are wishing for conceiving a babygirl.

    According to some theories, it is said that girl sperm favors a more acidic environment.Therefore try to eat food items that favor the acidic pH level to have a baby girl.Many believe that male sperm is affected by heat. So, getting into a hot shower before having s*x decreases the release of male sperm, hence increasing the chances of conceivinga baby girl.

    How to Conceive a Baby Girl Naturally- Indian Astrology

    Our ancient Rishis were genius, from birth, death, and rebirth, they looked into everyaspect of existence. They claimed that it is possible to influence the gender of your childduring conceiving using Swar Yog (the science of breathing and intake of energy).According to these ancient Rishis, conception on the 7, 9, 11, 13, and 15 days wouldincrease the chances of having a happy and healthy girl child. Ashtami, Ekadashi,Trayodashi, Amavasya, and Purnima nights must be avoided for conception.

    Fertile days to conceive a baby girl-Ovulation Calculator

    It is a myth that a woman can get pregnant any time of the month. To conceive a childwhether a boy or a girl, it is important to look for a ‘fertile window & amp;#39; in the menstrual cycle.Timing is everything if you want to conceive a child. The chances of getting pregnant arelikely to increase if you have s*x 2-3 days before ovulating or on the day when yourovulation begins. 12-24 hours after ovulation, the chances of a woman getting pregnantdecreases. So keep track of your menstrual cycle using an ovulation calculator or noting itdown.

    Time of Conception for a baby girl

    If you are longing for a baby girl, then you need to make a proper plan on when you aregoing to have s*x and execute it. Keep in mind that in order to improve your chances of conceiving a girl then you need to have produced an egg that the sperm can fertilize. Havinga lot of s*x throughout the cycle will help increase your chances of getting the desired child.

    Shettles Method to conceive a baby girl- Do’s & Don’ts

    Since the 1960s, the Shettles Method has been used for gender selection. Designed by Dr.Landrun Shettles, this method claims to have a 75 % success rate for couples hoping toconceive either a boy or a girl. According to Dr. Shettles, the most important factor forconceiving a baby girl is timing. Some of the foundations for this claim include:

    • The baby’s s*x is predicted by the chromosome carrying sperm.
    • Male sperm swim faster, however, live for a shorter period of time.
    • Female sperm moves slowly but are stronger and more resilient.

    Some of the tips (do’s don’ts) that couples can try to conceive a baby girl includes:

    • Timing of the s*x is essential. Have s*x 2-4 days before you start ovulating.
    • Have s*x every day from the day your menstrual cycle is over. This will increase the chances of conceiving a baby girl.
    • Avoid having intercourse when you are ovulating or just afterward.
    • If possible, women need to avoid having an orgasm. Shettles claims that women release an alkaline vaginal secretion while having an orgasm which favors boy sperm to last longer.

    Diet to conceive a baby girl

    As discussed above, food also plays a vital role in conceiving a child with a specific gender.Many believe that eating a vegetarian diet helps in conceiving a girl child. Women whoprefer to have a baby girl can also focus on eating more green leafy veggies such as spinach,and broccoli, along with nuts, rice, and a gallon of milk. Some data also suggest that including magnesium and calcium-rich foods such as whole grains, salmon, fruits, etc. inyour diet can also increase your chances of conceiving a baby girl.A low salt diet is also preferable to improve the chances of conceiving a baby girl. Youshould also avoid eating olives, blue cheese, salted meats, and processed foods while trying conceive.


    Whether you want to have a baby boy or a girl, your main focus should be to have a healthychild. Therefore, it&s best to consult with your doctor to ensure that you are not riskingyour health in an effort to have a child of a particular gender. At the end of the day, itshealthy mother and baby are what really matters.