Woman and Doctor

The woman demands a third time, “Doctor, I want you to kiss me!”
The doctor answers, “No! It’s unprofessional, highly unethical, and
to be honest we probably shouldn’t even be having romance right now!”

Behaviors of a Confident Person

Relaxed attitude– he has that cool calm presence that shows he’s in control.

 Slow speech with a modulating tone- he doesn’t jump on conversation or shout to be heard. He speaks so you want to listen.

Doesn’t interrupt- he understands that he has all the time in the world to respond so why interrupt?
Always having an open body posture– he doesn’t lurk in a corner with an empty bottle of beer trying to look cool. He opens up and proclaims availability to everyone.

Maintains constant eye contact– like always. You’ll never see him feel intimidated by anyone.

Assertive and makes his opinions clear– he makes his opinions known to others but he doesn’t do it to offend.
Walks deliberately– he walks like he owns the whole planet. Ever seen Grant Cardone walk? Then you know what I mean.

Doesn’t try to please anyone– he doesn’t care whether you like him or not, abuse him or not. That’s your problem and not his. He is self sufficient and does only what he thinks is right.

Doesn’t hurry to respond to people– he is definitely not a people pleaser. When you call his name, he hears and turns around slowly.

Does what others fear to do– he has control over his emotions, though he may feel fear, he proceeds to act anyway.

    He smiles simply because he knows life is good.

High School on Valentine’s Day

following Valentine’s day, student council was asked to do clean up.
One of the students, however, decided to take all the heart cards, count, sort, and make an itemized list of who got the most Valentine’s cards.

Of course, the pretty and popular girls and guys were named the most but that made many of the other students upset. So much so that the student and their father were called to the principal’s office to discuss how inappropriate it was for the student to do this.

After the principal explained the situation, the student’s father relaxed in his chair, looked at the principal with a slight grin and said, “so you’ve called me here today just to tell me that most high school students don’t like statistics?”