How to Get Pregnant with Baby Boy

Parenthood is one of the most cherished feelings ever experienced by a couple during the course of their married period. The child in a couple’s life completes their family and the parents enjoy seeing their child grow and do everything possible for them. There are different ways of parenting of a girl child and boy’s child. Though in the modern era each child is equally important for parents, but still in some parts of the country there is an obsession of having a male child. People try various ways to conceive a male child but sometimes luck doesn’t favor them and they try every possible way to get a male child. In this article we will guide about how to conceive a male child according to Hindu mythology and explain various other planetary factors also including the time of the lady when she will definitely conceive a baby boy.

How to Conceive a Baby Boy According to Hindu Mythology?

Though there is not a sure shot method to conceive a baby boy, if you follow some rules as prescribed in Hindu mythology, you will have a better chance at conceiving a baby boy. According to them you need to sharpen your son and moon to conceive a male child. Let’s have a look at some of the tips which will be helpful if you are looking for a baby boy to embrace your parenthood:

  • Avoid birth control pills at least 2 months prior before following the method and be in a good mood for at least a week. One more thing is that you need to stop having sex for at least a month so that your bodies reproductive fluids to regenerate themselves.
  • First of all start counting the time when you bleed first, that is your period’s first day. For a reference we say that you see the blood on Wednesday 5 pm, so your day 1 will end at Thursday 5 pm.
  • Avoid sex during your periods and also don’t do any work during these times.
  • Practice the breathing techniques together and you should try to read something together before going for the process.
  • Now comes the main part that is having sex. Whenever you are looking for baby boy try having sex on even days that is 2, 4, 6, 8th day after your periods get over. The 8th, 10th, 12th day after periods is the best for conceiving a male child.
  • Wife should always sleep on the left side of the husband and face her husband during courtship till breathing condition applies.
  • Sex should be done on those recommended days and according to planetary position that is sun is more powerful for men that is breathing of a male is more powerful from his right nostrils and female breathing is more powerful from left nostril. For breathing to be powerful you need to do foreplay with your partner for more than 5 minutes. The breathing can be checked by closing one side of the nose.

 According to ayurveda when you are try to impregnate your partner you should have sex from 10 – 15 days from the period as it is the best time to conceive. Avoid vaginal sex after you get pregnant for at least 2 months.

How to Conceive a Baby Boy Indian Calendar

The baby boy is a goal for many couples. If we go by Hindu calendar there are few days where you can go for conception and the lady will bear a male child. As mentioned above even days after menstruation are the best for baby boys, still there are some nakshatra and lagna which are beneficial when you are trying to conceive a male child. To conceive a baby boy according to Indian Calendar here are some of the dates which are best when you are going for a amle child:

The Garbhadhana Samskara is the first Sanskara of Shodasha Samskaras which is regarded as a pre-planned family affair. The Garbhadhan Muhurat is a concept where a husband and wife meets to plan their progeny at the right time with religious purity. Garbhadhana Samskara helps to remove all the impurities related to female conception and reproductive system which ensures the birth of a healthy child.

Here are the details of the best time according to planetary positions which are prescribed according to Hindu calendar.

Time of Conception:

Conception should be done on 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th and 16th night after menstruation as these days are considered auspicious.

Nakshatras to Consider for Conception:

There are some fixed nakshatras which are considered the best time for conception. 

Good Nakshatras: Anuradha, Dhanistha, Hastha, Mrigshira, Rohini, shatabhisha , Swati, Uttara-bhadrapada,Uttara-phalguni and Uttara-shada 

Bad Nakshatras: Ardra, Ashlesha, Bharni, Jyestha, Krittika, Magha, Moola, Poorva-bhadrapada,Poorva-phalguni, Poorva-shadha, Revati

Tithes for Conception:

According to hindu calendar best tithis for conception are 1,3,5,7,10,12,13. Avoid conception on these tithis for a mel child 4,9,14, 6, 8 , 11. Amavasya and Purnima nights should also be avoided for conception.

Days for Conception:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of shukla paksha are considered best for conception of a male child

Lagna for Conception:

Lagna should be in line with male planets which are Sun, Mars and Jupiter. The moon also needs to be in navamsha odds. Jupiter should be positioned in the kakshya of Mars and the Sun, which are male planets.

Ayurvedic Treatment for conceiving baby boy in Hindi

Ayurveda is one of the oldest methods which has a solution for every health related problem. In the ancient times there were no doctors so people used to take ayurvedic treatments. Same is the case in the modern era, whenever there is no solution to a particular problem, people prefer to go the Ayurvedic way. Whenever you are trying to conceive a baby boy’s ayurveda has some remedies which will help you to bear a male child in your womb. Let’s have a look at ayurvedic treatments for conceiving a baby boy:

Method 1:

This method will be completed using the branches of the banyan tree. Locate any banyan tree and take out the branches which are facing north or east. After that you need to take 2 grains of urad dal and then grind all the ingredients with curd. After that consume the mixture so that you are ready to bear the male child

Method 2:

You will need to create miniature statues of iron, gold or silver and throw the statues in the furnace. After that you need to pour the molten element in curd, milk or water and you need to drink that mixture on the auspicious hour of Pushp Nakshatra.

Best Time to Conceive a Baby Boy after Periods

Periods are one of the reasons that children are born. If the female menstruates then it is a sign of a healthy female and she is ready to bear a child. The chance of the child to be boy or girl is 50-50 but these odds can be influenced which can determine the sex of the baby. It is a myth that when you need a child you will have to do as much sex as you can but people don’t realize that timing of the sex also plays an important role.

Whenever you are trying to get pregnant, try to have sex during your ovulation period. Ovulation is a process when an ovary releases a mature egg in the fallopian tube of the female and after that it moves down to the uterus. The egg has a survival period of about 12-24 hours in the uterus and when it gets fertilized with the sperm a female gets pregnant. During the ovulation period, the cervical mucus of women becomes thinner and it becomes more slippery during the ovulation period. This helps the sperms move more easily in the reproductive tract.

Best Time to Conceive baby Boy

The baby’s sex can be somewhat determined by the ovulation calendar and date of the conception. Whenever you are looking for a male child your egg needs to be fertilized by a Y-sperm which is bearer of male child. Y-sperm is lighter, smaller and they have round heads so they travel faster in the reproductive tract and have shorter life span. The couples who are trying to conceive a baby boy should avoid sex between your menstrual period and days before the ovulation period. To get a male child sex should be done on ovulation day and 2-3 days after the ovulation happens in your body. Ideal Position is to have sex in such position which will allow sperm to be deposited as close to cervix of a female.

Moreover the timing of orgasm also plays a n important role. Couples who are trying for a boy should try to let the woman orgasm first. As the secretions during orgasms of females are more alkaline in nature and male sperms travel more faster in an alkaline environment, your chances of conceiving a male child increase exponentially.

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