Stuff to Send to Your Boyfriend

  1. Sweet Texts:
    • “Just wanted to remind you how much you mean to me. 😊”
    • “I can’t stop thinking about you. ❤️”
    • “You’re my favorite part of the day. 🌟”
    • “Missing you already. Can’t wait to see you.”
  2. Compliments:
    • Send him a compliment about his looks or something specific you love about him.
    • “You always know how to make me smile.”
    • “Your kindness and generosity amaze me.”
  3. Surprise Notes:
    • Leave a handwritten note in his bag or pocket expressing your feelings.
    • Stick a cute note on his mirror for him to find in the morning.
  4. Voice Messages:
    • Record a sweet voice message expressing your love or sharing a special moment.
  5. Random Acts of Kindness:
    • Order his favorite food for delivery to his place.
    • Send him a surprise care package with his favorite snacks.
  6. Plan a Virtual Date:
    • Set up a virtual movie night or dinner date.
    • Play an online game together.
  7. Customized Playlist:
    • Create a playlist of songs that remind you of him or that you both enjoy.
  8. Photos and Memories:
    • Share a cute or funny throwback photo with a sweet caption.
    • Create a shared photo album with memories of your time together.
  9. Supportive Messages:
    • Send an encouraging message if he’s going through a tough time.
    • “I believe in you, and I’m here for you.”
  10. Future Plans:
    • Share your dreams and plans for the future together.
    • “Can’t wait to create more memories with you.”