What is the sexiest thing to say to your dominant man as a sub?

  1. “I’ve been waiting all day for your commands.”
  2. “Your wish is my command.”
  3. “I trust you completely.”
  4. “I live to serve you.”
  5. “How can I please you today?”
  6. “I’m yours to use as you please.”
  7. “I love it when you take control.”
  8. “I need your guidance.”
  9. “Your pleasure is my purpose.”
  10. “I crave your discipline.”
  11. “Your dominance is so sexy.”
  12. “I’ve been a good/bad girl/boy, haven’t I?”
  13. “Your rules are my command.”
  14. “I belong to you.”
  15. “You make me feel so safe.”
  16. “I need your strength.”
  17. “I’m ready for your instructions.”
  18. “Your touch is my reward.”
  19. “I surrender to your will.”
  20. “Nothing pleases me more than pleasing you.”
  21. “I’m eager for your commands.”
  22. “You’re in charge, and I love it.”
  23. “I’m all yours tonight.”
  24. “I’m at your mercy.”
  25. “I exist to serve you.”
  26. “I love being your submissive.”
  27. “I crave your authority.”
  28. “You make me feel so controlled, and I love it.”
  29. “I’m ready to obey.”
  30. “I’m yours to command.”
  31. “You’re my master, and I willingly submit.”
  32. “I’ve been longing for your command.”
  33. “I am in your hands.”
  34. “I need your control.”
  35. “I love it when you’re firm with me.”
  36. “I crave your dominance.”
  37. “I can’t wait to follow your orders.”
  38. “Your control is all I desire.”
  39. “I’m eager for your dominance.”
  40. “Discipline me in the way only you can.”
  41. “Your strength drives me wild.”
  42. “I can’t wait to serve you.”
  43. “Take control of me.”
  44. “I love being under your command.”
  45. “I am devoted to your desires.”
  46. “I want to earn your praise.”
  47. “Your dominance is my desire.”
  48. “I’m ready to submit to you.”
  49. “I’m craving your control.”
  50. “I am yours to play with.”

Or if you like EXTRA Kinky!

  1. “I need you to spank me until my ass is red, Sir.”
  2. “I’m aching for your cock, Master.”
  3. “Please fill me up, Sir, I’m empty without you.”
  4. “Use me as your plaything, I exist for your pleasure.”
  5. “I’m wet and begging for your touch.”
  6. “I ache for the sting of your flogger, Sir.”
  7. “Please, Master, I need to feel your control deep inside me.”
  8. “My body is yours to use and abuse, Sir.”
  9. “I’m desperate to taste you, Master.”
  10. “Please, Sir, may I swallow your cum?”
  11. “Tie me up and take me, I’m yours.”
  12. “I’m dripping and desperate for your cock, Sir.”
  13. “I need to be filled and fucked by you, Master.”
  14. “I’m your dirty little cock slut, Sir.”
  15. “Take me, use me, make me scream your name, Master.”
  16. “I’m begging for your rough hands on me.”
  17. “Your cock is my heaven, Sir.”
  18. “I crave the taste of your cum, Master.”
  19. “I can’t wait to be spread open and used by you, Sir.”
  20. “Please, I need you to fill all my holes, Master.”
  21. “I’m desperate to feel your cock throbbing inside me, Sir.”
  22. “I’m aching to be your naughty little cum slut, Master.”
  23. “Make me gag on your cock, Sir.”
  24. “I want to feel your hot cum inside me, Master.”
  25. “Tie me down and make me take it, Sir.”
  26. “I’m begging to be your dirty little whore, Master.”
  27. “Please, Sir, I need to feel your control in every inch of me.”
  28. “I’m your obedient fucktoy, Master.”
  29. “Make me scream, Sir, I need your punishment.”
  30. “I’m desperate to be stretched and filled by you, Master.”
  31. “I need to feel your hands all over me, Sir.”
  32. “I’m aching for your cock, please take me, Master.”
  33. “I want to feel you pounding into me, Sir.”
  34. “Use your cock to remind me who I belong to, Master.”
  35. “I need to feel your weight on me, your control over me, Sir.”
  36. “I’m desperate to feel you explode inside me, Master.”
  37. “Please, Sir, I need to feel your whip on my skin.”
  38. “Make me your dirty little slut, Master.”
  39. “Please, Sir, I need to feel you deep inside my ass.”
  40. “Use me, abuse me, make me your whore, Master.”
  41. “I want to be filled with your cum, Sir.”
  42. “I’m begging for your cock, Master.”
  43. “Please, Sir, I need to be punished, make me feel it.”
  44. “I’m aching for your chains on my skin, Master.”
  45. “I need to be used and degraded by you, Sir.”
  46. “Please, Master, I need to feel your hands choking me.”
  47. “I’m begging to be your cum dumpster, Sir.”
  48. “I need to feel your cock pounding into me, Master.”
  49. “Please, Sir, I need to feel you stretching me open.”
  50. “I’m your obedient slut, use me as your fucktoy, Master.”