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Ramon Airport also known as Eilat Ramon airport is the second largest airport of Israel. Named after Illan and Assaf Ramon the airport is located in Timna Valley. Airport has been opened for civilian traffic from January 2019. The airport have extra ramp space and also the longer runway than the previous airport at Eilat, which is enough for larger aircraft to land and park. In this article we will cover all the information regarding the airport which will include ramon airport departures, ramon airport arrivals, how to travel from london to ramon airport, ramon airport code, ramon airport Shuttle service and also cover the international flights that runs from the airport.

Ramon Airport Quick Information

Address Be’er Ora, Israel
Operational since 2019
Phone +972 8-955-3888

Ramon Airport Arrivals

When you get off the plane at Ramon-Eilat airport you will head towards arrivals terminals where you can find various facilities such as:

Foreign Exchange Desk:

The desk is located exactly opposite to the entrance of the Welcome Hall where you can get to gate 33 and gate 34. You can get your currency exchanged and get the local currency of Israel which will be helpful in travelling around the country.


If you are reaching Ramon airport arrivals from international flight you may need to go through customs checks which you may have purchased from duty free stores abroad. The value of purchased goods from foreign land must not exceed  $200. The goods can include 1 litre of alcohol, 1 packet of tobacco, 2 litres of wine and 250 ml of perfume. These goods are free of tax as they are being purchased from duty free stores.


You will find an ATM at right side of gate 33, 34.

How to Leave Ramon Airport?

The airport is located 19 km north of Eilat Town. There is a junction at Road 90 from where you leave and enter the Airport. opposite to the village Beera Ora. You can use ramon airport shuttle to leave the airport or hire a private taxi.

Border Control

When you arrive at the airport there are separate desk for Israeli passport holders and foreign passport holder. Both passengers need to go through the designated desk or  the biometric passport station which is necessary to get a blue ticket for entry into the country of Israel.

Internet Services

The Wifi service at the airport is provided by Netvision Ltd which is free of cost and available to all passengers in Ramon Airport.

Luggage Collection

The flight representative of the airlines by which you reached Ramon Airport Arrivals will bring the passengers luggage to Luggage Collection Hall where you can take your luggage.

Luggage Lost and Found

If your luggage is lost during transit, here are the points to keep in mind:

  • If the item is lost when you were aboard the plane, you need to contact the airline company at Ground Services Desk which is located in the Terminals Arrival Hall.
  • If the item gets lost during domestic flight you need to go to the desk which is located on the left of Domestic Luggage Collection Hall.
  • You need to reach out the left desk of International Luggage Collection Hall when the item gets lost in an International Flight

Most of the lost items at the airport are kept at the office of Terminal Manager who can be contacted by email at rlostandfound@iaa.co.il

Tourism Office

The office is located at Welcome Hall located on gates 33, 34 which is also called The Ministry of Tourism Service Desk.

First Aid

In case of medical emergencies if you need any first aid then you can go to Welcome hall facing gates 33, 34 where there is “The First Aid Point.

These are all the facilities and the services you may need when you reach at Ramon Airport Arrivals.

Ramon Airport Departures

If you are leaving from Ramon Airport you need to reach at Ramon Airport Departures. There may be some formalities that are needed to be completed when boarding a flight enroute to your destination. So let’s get into the details and know about the departures at Ramon International Airport.

How To Reach Ramon Airport?

When you need to reach the airport from Eilat you can hire a private service, or reach by car or you can use Ramon Airport Shuttle Service. Car Parking is located in front of the terminal at the airport. taxi ride from Eilat to Airport will costs 84 NIS or 95 NIS.

Checking in For a Flight

  • Domestic Flight passengers should reach airport one and a half hour prior to your flight.
  • Passengers travelling abroad through international flights should arrive 3 hrs before their scheduled flight. Passenger should carry their passports along with other valid documents which includes visa as they are required during check-ins. After that flight check-in is done by airlines at their desk after the security checkout.

Kiosks For Check-Ins

There are self service check in desks at the airport for passengers carrying only hand bags which can save the time of the passengers, but it also depends upon airlines policy. These desks are located at gate 31 and 32 to the left of entry gates to the halls.

Security Checks at Ramon Airport

You need to bring valid documents at the security check of the airport for domestic flights which includes:

  • ID – Passport, Israel Id
  • Driving Licences with Photo

Children under the age of 16 need to carry valid photocopy of their parent’s id

For International Flights you need to carry your passport and boarding pass before check-in.

Custom Check at Ramon Airport Departures

When you travel outside israel you cannot carry more than 50,000 NIS cash and if you have equivalent or more cash you have to declare it to Custom Desks which is at left of Border control in departures hall.

Duty Free Shop at Ramon Airport

If you are travelling abroad from the country you can shop at duty free shops at Ramon Airport by showing the ticket of your international flight. The passengers cannot directly carry those goods and are handed over to them only when they board the plane.

Hand Luggage Checking at Ramon- Eilat Airport

After the security questioning and getting boarding pass passengers have to go through hand luggage checking area. Some of the points to be noted are:

  • Keep out the keys, coins, chains and phones as your pockets should be empty. There are special trays to empty your pockets and after that you have to pass through metal detectors.
  • Hand Bags must be kept on conveyor belts. You also need to remove your jackets and coats.

Baggage Check at Ramon International Airport

After that there is also the baggage check at the Airport. If you are carrying luggage more than permissible amount as per your airlines guidelines passengers get their outsize luggage with label to their destinations. Such passenger need to go to outsize luggage security check which is located to the left of check-in desks.

Passport Control at Ramon Airport

If you are travelling in international flight you need to go through passport checks or the biometric stations located at the airport. Passengers are advised to check the visiting guidelines for the country they are travelling as there might be some restrictions and rules which you might not be aware of.

Charging Points at Ramon Airport Departures

The charging points can be found at the seats in Departure Terminal which is at -1 level near to the exit gates.

The Lounge at Ramon Airport

The Lounge at Ramon Airport Departures is managed by Eurohandling Ltd, located at lower level of Departure Hall opposite to exit gate 1.

Ramon Airport Shuttle

As the Ramon Airport is located 19 km north from the town of Eilat, you will require some services to reach the airport from the city and vice versa. The Ramon Airport Shuttle Service is managed by Egged Bus Company which is a public transport from the airport. The routes covered by the buses are described below in the table.

Ramon Airport Shuttle
Route Route Description
Route Number 30 Central Bus Station Eilat to Ramon Airport
Route Number 31 Northern District to Ramon Airport
Route Number 32 Southern District to Ramon Airport
Route Number 50 Ramon Airport to Tabe via Hotels

You can take these buses from the Airport at the exit of Arrivals area at the right side. There is also an information desk for Egged Bus Service which will guide for the possible routes, bus timings, schedules and ticket prices.

Ramon Airport Shuttle – Egged Bus Services Tickets and Prices

You can buy a “Rav-Kav” smart card which can be directly bought from the bus driver at the cost of 50 NIS. The Ramon Airport is included in this route and you can buy a ticket for one direction that is airport to the city by paying 4.20 NIS.

Ramon Airport Parking

When you are going airport by your own car to drop someone, you need airport parking to park your car. The Ramon Airport Parking is available at the front of the terminal. The vehicles are parked at “Basmat Parking ” which is located opposite to gates 32 and 33.

Here is the Ramon Airport Parking pricing below:

  1. You will be charged on an hourly basis and parking for 1 hour will cost you 5 NIS.
  2. If you want a pass for full day, you can get daily parking at 25 NIS.
  3. If you hold regional parking permit , you enjoy exemption from parking prices for the first 36 hours.
  4. Disabled person who hold disabled parking permits can park their vehicle for free for 5 hours.

You can also call parking helpline or the Parking Lot Authority for more information at this number 03-9752550.

Ramon Airport Car Rental

The car rental services at Ramon Airport are provided by world class car rental operators which includes Sixt, Europcars and Budget which can be booked online before your arrival at the airport.

Ramon Airport Taxis

The taxi at the airport are the best mode of transportation. You can hire a taxi at the ramon airport for the following price which depends upon the timing.

  1. Tariff 1: It will cost you 84 NIS and the timing is from 5.30 am to 21.00 pm.
  2. Tariff 2: It will cost you 95 NIS and timing is 21.01 pm to 5.29 am and this is tariff is also valid on Saturday  and also on public holidays.

Ramon Airport Private Transfers

Private transfers are made available by a company named Flo shuttle. Its fleet consists of all car sizes, including vans, sedans, minibuses and buses (some on request, or as per demand)

Ramon Airport International Flights

There are various airlines providing their service at Eilat Ramon Airport. Many domestic and international carriers are providing their services to the foreign destinations across the world. The operators running international flights along with their locations are listed below in the table:

Operators Destinations 
RYANAIR Bden-baden, Bratislava, Berlin-Schonefeld, Dusseldorf-Weeze, Budapest, Gdansk, Frankfurt-Hahn, Krakow,Poznan, Milan-Bergamo, Prague, Kaunas,Warsaw
Lufthansa Munich, Frankfurt
Wizz London, Luton, Budapest, Bucharest, Riga, Vienna, Warsaw, Sofia
Transavia Amsterdam, Paris
URAL Airlines St Petersburg, Moscow
AirEuropa Madrid
FINNAIR Helsinki
Edelweiss Zurich


WizzAir and RyanAir are the low cost airlines that are operating from ramon international Airport.

Flights to Ramon International from United Kingdom

There are many flight operators running their daily flights from the United Kingdom to Ramon International Airport. We have mentioned the starting fare from the major destinations of United Kingdom. Here is the table depicting fares from the cities from where there is a flight to Eilat International Airport.


From Fare Starts From
Glasgow £352
Doncaster £270
Cardiff £419
Liverpool £309
Newcastle £490
Nottingham £359
Durham £508
Edinburgh £267
Manchester 206
Birmingham £167
London £101
Belfast £215

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