Shri Ram Statue in Ayodhya

Shri Ram Statue at Ayodhya

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Shri Ram Statue in Ayodhya Information

Dedicated to : Hindu God Lord Ram
Annouced Date: 2017
Height: 221 Meters
Allocated Land: 28.28 hectares
Location: Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh
Amount Sanctioned : ₹ 200 crores
Scheme Name: Navya Ayodhya
Statue Design finalised on: 24 November 2018

A monument dedicated to Lord Rama is in the making at the birthplace of Lord Rama i.e. Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2017, the Yogi Adityanath Government had announced that the Ram Statue will be constructed as a part of the ‘Navya Ayodhya’ scheme launched by the Tourism Department of Uttar Pradesh. The design for this proposed plan got finalised and earlier this year, the Yogi Government cleared the budget for the Ram Statue. Let us look into the details and latest developments in the Ram Statue project.


Shree Ram Statue in Ayodhya

On the banks of Sarayu river, a miniaturized version of the proposed Ram Statue is being erected where workers are coating a plyboard cutout of this miniature statue with plaster of Paris. Along the ghats of river Sarayu, an annual event on Diwali is organized by the Yogi Government which is called Deepostsav. Last year on the occasion of Diwali, South Korea’s first lady Kin Jung Sook visited Ayodhya and saw the lightened up bridges, bedecked ghats and the star attraction was the miniaturized version of Lord Rama’s Statue.

Lord Rama Statue Height

  • The Ram Statue to be built in Ayodhya, UP is said to be 221 metres tall which includes the 151 metres of statue plus 20 metres of umbrella on top and 50 metres of the stand below the statue. The Lord Rama Statue will be made of bronze. The UP Government has also sought technical support from the Gujarat Government.
  • This statue of Shri Ram will also include the statue of Nishadraj, the boatman who helped Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita to cross the holy river Ganga during the exile. It was on 24th of November, 2018 that the complete design of the Lord Shri Ram Statue was finalized.

Ram Statue in UP Cost

  • The UP Government asked interested architects to bring their budgetary plans for the proposed Ram Statue Project. The two – part presentations by the intrested bidders were closed down on October 30th, 2018.
  • This expression of interest asked for by the Yogi Government made the total cost of the project to be 75 billion. Going by the expression of interest notice, this cost 7.75 billion includes construction of the Ram Statue plus the development of the Sarayu riverfront.
  • The technical bid aka Plan A and the second bid or the Plan B had to be submitted and opened by October 20. The technical bid (Plan A) included a master plan starting from project layouts, landscaping, floorings etc while the Plan B had plans like submitting museum designs, parking lots and an art gallery.
  • But on 17th October, 3 days prior to when the bids were to start, the Yogi Government extended the date to 23rd October for opening the bids.
  • Final presentations for the construction of art gallery and museum were conducted on 30th of October. Post that, companies were shortlisted by the Yogi Government who will take on the project of Ram Statue alongside Sarayu river.
  • For the grand project of Lord Shri Ram Statue, the Government of Uttar Pradesh cleared a budget of ₹200 crores on March 2nd, 2019. Along with this, 28.28 hectares of land has been identified for the Ram Statue project. Also, for the statue of the boatman Nishadraj, the government has decided to allocate ₹34 crores.

The success of the Ram Statue will be a major turning point in the growth of Ayodhya’s economy and it will also improve the image of Ayodhya and will help in making it a tourist place. This grand project in the state of UP will help a long way in restoring the historical glory of Ayodhya .