When two virgins went to heaven

God then says to the men, “I know you two have been virgins your entire life.
So as a reward for all the good deeds you’ve done, I’ll find both of you a wife to enjoy eternity with in heaven.”
While god isn’t looking, Bob sneaks over to the tree and takes a bite of the forbidden apple.

God catches the man-eating the apple and gets angry, “I can see you eating the forbidden fruit, but I can’t
punish you or kick you out of heaven cause that’s against my morals.
The only way to let out my anger against you is by getting you an ugly disgusting woman to be your wife;
you won’t enjoy being with her at all.”

God then looks at Joe, the other man, and says, “Since you didn’t steal my apple, I found a beautiful and elegant
wife for you. I’m sure you’ll love her, she will be the perfect match for you.”
Joe looks at his soon-to-be wife and says to her, “Wow you look stunning, I don’t think I deserve to be with someone as

perfect as you” The woman replies, “I also don’t know why God assigned me to be with you. All I did was eat from the forbidden apple tree”