Guy go to the local Brothel

do you see that Mercedes? I bought that with the money I
made just giving hand jobs!” “Well if they’re that….

good, I’ll take one of those!” he said excitedly.
When she was done, he was amazed and agreed it was the
best hand job he’d ever had.

“If you think that was good, you should try one of my blow jobs,”
she said, “just look out the window, do you see that mansion
across the street? I bought that with just the money I made giving blow jobs!”

He had to experience it for himself, so he took her offer and received the best blow job he’d ever had.

“You’re amazing! I can’t believe this. If your hands and mouth are this fantastic I’d love to see what your pussy is like!” he exclaimed.

“Oh honey, if I had one of those I’d own the whole town…”